Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ATWT Casting News: Maddie, Lucy and Johnny

Soaps.com has revealed some major casting news for AS THE WORLD TURNS.

Kelli Barrett has been cast as Maddie Coleman, originally played by Alexandra Chando (who is now starring in ROCKVILLE, USA). Maddie was last seen in October 2007 when she left Oakdale to attend Wesleyan and get her head together after her relationship with Noah ended. Will Maddie reunite with old flame Casey? Barrett's first airdate is set for December 22.

Also joining the cast is Sarah Glendening, who will take on the role of Lucy Montgomery. Lucy, last portrayed by GREEK's Spencer Grammer, left Oakdale in late 2006 when she kidnapped baby Johnny to keep him away from Craig. Glendening's first airdate is set for December 24.

Finally, Bailey Harkins will take over the role of Johnny, Jennifer's biological son with Craig. The recently returned Dusty has been searching the world for Johnny, his adopted son. Harkins' will also first appear on December 24.


  1. i want the old maddie back can you do that

  2. New Maddie is very good....I am pleasantly surprised! I hope they keep her and Casey's storyline going...I love Kelli and Billy together!

  3. Not a fan of the new Lucy, but I love Kelli as Maddie!

  4. I thought I'd hate the recasts, because I usually do, but I don't dislike them as much as I thought. Maddie is my favorite of them, though I wish she was doing more than just trying to get Casey back. Can we let Maddie do some more stuff? Maybe bring back Gwen and get that storyline going again?