Monday, September 1, 2008

CLASSIC CLIP: Cass and Kathleen's 'Another World' Wedding (1986)

My all-time favorite soap couple is Cass and Kathleen from Another World in the mid-80s. They were written as smart and funny and I rooted for them so hard back in the day as a teenager juggling many shows at a time with my trusty VCR.

They finally married on November 10, 1986 in a sweet ceremony following Kathleen's paralysis, Cass being kidnapped by Cecile, and many other twists and turns. I have this episode saved on a VHS tape along with hundreds of other AW shows from its last 15 years.

As many times as I've watched this wedding over the years, I just discovered something brand new today that I had never noticed before. Christopher Goutman, Executive Producer of As the World Turns, was the director for this episode.

Stephen Schnetzer (Cass) and Julie Osburn (Kathleen) left AW a month after the wedding. Schnetzer returned in July 1987 and stayed with the show until it's demise in June 1999. He then brought the character of Cass to As the World Turns and Guiding Light but, sadly, Cass was just a glorified dayplayer lawyer on those shows.

Osburn returned to Another World a few times, most memorably in 1991 in the hot Cass/Frankie/Kathleen triangle. By that time, Donna Swajeski was writing the show, and the story was clearly slanted in favor of Frankie.

In the wedding episodes you'll see the wonderful Linda Dano as Felicia and the late Brent Collins as Wallingford, as well as Denise Alexander and Duke Stroud as Mary and Vince McKinnon, among others.

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