Sunday, July 27, 2008

News Brief

With Three Sons, Joshua Morrow Hopes Next Will Be Girl
"I did all the secret things last time, like keep the lights on, then the socks on and then there were times she would call me and say, 'Come home right now!' I know the sex of the baby is my fault, but the running argument is I make great boys."

INTERVIEW: Marsha Clark
A familiar face has been seen in Salem lately – in the role of Judge Karen Fitzpatrick, to be exact. Marsha Clark knows her way around a soap set. She’s played iconic roles on GUIDING LIGHT and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and even voiced a spirit on PASSIONS. Now she is lending her vast talent and experience to the set of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and she couldn’t be happier doing it.

"I have been having loads of fun. It’s such a nice cast; they are really great people. It’s a fun role. Karen started out as an upstanding citizen, but now I am beginning to think she might not be as upstanding as I had originally thought."

EASTENDERS actress "gutted" over axing
EASTENDERS star Emma Barton has admitted that she felt "gutted" to be axed from the show. The actress, who joined the BBC One soap in 2005, was told in April that her character Honey Mitchell would be written out. She filmed her final scenes for the programme a few weeks ago.

Barton told The People: "I was gutted when they told me. I know that's the nature of the job and nothing is forever but I didn't want it to end so soon."

BLOG UPDATE: Michael Fairman
"I must say, kudos to you Hogan Sheffer and the new writing regime at Y&R. The gala looked spectacular. The remote scenes were some of the best looking ones I have seen from daytime in awhile. And I loved how the drama slowly unfolded throughout the episode until it all came to a screeching halt at the end! Literally!"

"The Nuke Fancast" Episode #9
Last week's Luke and Noah recap, news and reviews.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: AMC's Melissa Leo (ex-Linda)
EARLY one especially fine morning last month in Central Park, New Yorkers kept stopping to watch Melissa Leo shoot a scene for a movie called Veronika Decides to Die. There wasn’t a lot to see, just Ms. Leo on a park bench trading lines with the English actor David Thewlis, who, like her, is known as an actor’s actor, which is to say, immensely talented and insufficiently famous. The movie, based on a Paulo Coelho novel and starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, is an indie aimed for release next year. Ms. Leo does a lot of those, and her part is secondary. She does a lot of those too. But, she said later of the character she plays, "It’s a pretty classic supporting role, with several scenes throughout and her own arc in the film."

A Nuke-lear explosion, and the world keeps turning
"Between the Nukesters, Maury Povich's frequent 'she's gone lesbian on me' shows and Ellen Degeneres' goofy a.m. chatfest, they may as well call it 'gaytime TV.'"

5-year-old actress can't wait to be next Hannah Montana
Many days, Haley Scott's audience is a row of carefully placed stuffed animals, her stage a flipped over laundry basket, and her venue a walk-in closet in her parent's bedroom. Then there are the other days, when the 5-year-old Center girl's plan to become the next Hannah Montana seems far more than just a dream.

Haley, who will enter kindergarten at Center Township Elementary next month, appeared in a speaking role last week for the long-running daytime soap, GUIDING LIGHT.

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  1. Thanks so much for the piece about Marsha Clark. I loved her on GL (her story with Morgan,Nola, Kelly, Tim, etc. is what made me a life long soap fan) and have been thrilled to see her pop up now and again.

    Would love to see more of her character on DOOL - or, I'd follow her to another soap.

    Thanks again!