Monday, July 7, 2008

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Y&R’s Vincent Irizarry out! Victoria Rowell Update! Secrets from the ‘Days’ set! ‘Live! With Kelly and Cameron’? Delaney back to ‘AMC’? ‘B&B’ mystery solved!

Deep Soap: Proud To Be An American Soap Fan
Sara A. Bibel blogs: "I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend. At the risk of sounding incredibly schmaltzy, the July 3 episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS reminded me of why we live in a great country. Oakdale’s Gay Pride celebration, featuring Cyndi Lauper was a great way to showcase our nation’s founding principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

'90210' Adds Vixen, Lacrosse Jock
The West Beverly Hills High student body is growing every day. Meghan Markle and Kellan Lutz are the latest two actors to join the swelling cast of the CW's 90210, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Markle, 26, will play the school's sexy vixen who gets by on her looks. The actress might be familar to some as the model for Case #24 on "Deal or No Deal." She's also landed a potential recurring role as Sadie Valencia, the spoiled daughter of guest star Treat Williams' character on the upcoming ABC drama pilot GOOD BEHAVIOR.

Lutz, 23, will play star lacrosse player George Evans, who comes from a well-to-do family. The actor next appears in HBO's upcoming miniseries Generation Kill. His film credits include Stick It, Accepted, Prom Night and the upcoming adaptation of the young adult vampire book series Twilight.

Oh RYAN'S HOPE, We Miss You So
Jennifer Kate blogs: "It was thirty-three years ago today that a new show debuted on ABC. The first shot showed a young woman walking down the street in New York City. She wore a bright green shirt and a jeans skirt. She wore a button that said RYAN FOR COUNCILMAN. She had long brown hair and looked like a Gibson Girl. She walked with a purpose and someone yelled out her name 'Hey, Mary! Mary Ryan!' She turned around, waved, and then went in the bar that said in green neon RYAN’S.

This was the first scene of the new soap opera RYAN'S HOPE. RYAN'S HOPE was different in the way that for the first time in years, it would center on a working class family called the Ryans. They were Irish, Catholic, and they lived in New York City-not Springfield, not Oakdale, not Llanview, and not any made up town. They were in NYC, where all the action was. The actors were not the glamorous models popping up in THE YOUNG AND THE RESLTESS, but people who looked ordinary, people you could know. Claire Labine, a soap opera vet who wrote for LOVE OF LIFE and WHERE THE HEART IS, wrote the show with Paul Avilia Mayer, basing the show on memories her Irish grandmother would tell her."

Liveblogging ATWT: Saving Noah's Privates
Brian Juergens liveblog of the Luke and Noah scenes on Monday's episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS.

HOLLYOAKS: First pic of Craig's return!
The first picture of Guy Burnet's return to HOLLYOAKS has been released (a shot of Craig with John Paul). And as to whether James Sutton would rather see his character John Paul end up with Craig or Kieron, he says: "I couldn't say really! I know Guy (Craig) and Jake (Kieron) have both got their own fans now so I wouldn't want to offend either band of people! But they are both great."

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