Thursday, August 16, 2007

2006 Kensy Award Nominations

The nominations for the 2006 Kensy Awards have been announced. The Kensy awards honors excellent in web-based entertainment. This year's show will now have a new look and a secret category that will be revealed along with the winners later this year.

Best Villain
Lauren Becker (Moments of Existence)
Giselle Ormand (Wonderland)
Brett Armstrong (The Blackthornes)
Paul Ramos (Rockland County)

Best Plot
Scripts & Scruples- Heidi's Betrayal
Wonderland- Monique's Murder
Moments of Existence- Victor's Kidnapping
All or Nothing- Jared Bradshaw's Death
Rockland County- Barbara's Affair

Best Opening
Heart & Soul
The Blackthornes
Falcon Creek
Moments of Existence
Somewhere In Between
Scripts & Scruples
Rockland County
All or Nothing
The Quiet Storm
Sunrise Bay

Best Supporting Male
Remy Ormand (Wonderland)
Manny Ramos (Rockland County)
Romain Chandler (Mysteries of Our Lives)
Andrew Jones (Scripts & Scruples)
Matthew Robinson (Moments of Existence)
Mike Lei (Hidden Fire)

Best Supporting Female
Miranda Blackthorne (The BlackThornes)
Felicia Stevens (Rockland County)
Kelly Austin (Moments of Existence)
Raven Malone (Scripts & Scruples)
Rochelle Samson (Hidden Fire)
Brandi Pierce (All or Nothing)
Martine Guthrie (Wonderland)
Sherri Reynolds (Mysteries of Our Lives)

Best Leading Male
Vincent Guthrie (Wonderland)
Charlie Dean (Scripts & Scruples)
Benny Blaylock (Rockland County)
Nigel Bates (Currents)
Victor Fox (Moments of Existence)
Grant Greyson (Hidden Fire)

Best Leading Female
Sharon Bradshaw (All or Nothing)
Trish Walker (Moments of Existence)
Hannah Richards (Scripts & Scruples)
Giselle Ormand (Wonderland)
Barbara Whitman (Rockand County)
Alex Reynolds (The Blackthornes)
Samantha Keller Lomard (Mysteries of Our Lives)

Best Series
All or Nothing
Hidden Fire
Rockland County
Scripts & Scruples
Mysteries of Our Lives
Moments of Existence
The Blackthornes

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