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We Love Soaps Emmy Predictions

As proven last year and just about every year, predicting the winners of the Daytime Emmy Awards is next to impossible. First of all, the voting process seems to change almost yearly. This year there three pre-nominated actors from each show allowed in each category. Two episodes were judged and the more than twenty pre-noms were ranked. Instead of then re-judging the final nominees, the orignal rankings stand (who came up with THAT idea?). In addition, there have been published reports about some of the volunteer judges complaining that all the DVDs were too much to watch so we don't know for sure if the winners will be based on unbiased judging of their submitted episodes, by reputation or by some other method.

But having said all that, predicting the winners can be fun so here goes.

1. Van Hansis as Luke Snyder on AS THE WORLD TURNS
1st reel: Luke confronts Noah about him acting straight just to please his father
2nd reel: Luke talks to his brother Aaron about Luke's boy problems

2. Tom Pelphrey as Jonathan Randall on GUIDING LIGHT
1st reel: Tammy dies after Alan Spaulding sends someone to kill Jonathan.
2nd reel: Jonathan tries to set fire to Alan's home.

3. Darin Brooks as Max Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES
1st reel: Max comforts Morgan
2nd reel: Max and Stephanie flirt at the bar, then dance.

4. Jesse Lee Soffer as Will Munson on AS THE WORLD TURNS
1st reel: Will reacts strongly and angrily as he is set up to make it appears he doesn't support Gwen or her singining career.
2nd reel: Will tries to calm Gwen who is hysterical thinking she killed Will's brother Adam

5. Bryton McClure as Devon Hamilton on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: Devon tries to get Lily to leave Daniel who has had problems with a sex addiction, tieing it back to dealing with his mother who had a drug addiction.
2nd reel: Devon argues with Daniel, punching him.

ANALYSIS: This one is a toss up. If the judges (assuming they watched the DVDs) love scenery chewing, Pelphrey is the man. If they prefer a more subtle, nuanced performance, it will be Hansis. Don't forget about McClure. I'm worried that all those Y&R nominations could mean a victory in categories it is not deserved, including this one.

1. Jennifer Landon as Gwen Munson/Cleo Babbitt on As the World Turns
1st reel: Gwen tells Will that she and Maddie killed Adam.
2nd reel: Gwen begins to bond with look-a-like Cleo.

2. Emily O'Brien as Jana Hawkes on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: Jana and Kevin prepare for her upcoming surgery.
2nd reel: While holding Kevin and Colleen hostage, Jana confesses to having killed Carmen.

3. Rachel Melvin as Chelsea Benson on DAYS OF OUR LIVES
1st reel: Chelsea reacts to the news that her best friend slept with her mom.
2nd reel: Chelsea and her sorority sisters set a trap for Ford.

4. Tammin Sursok as Colleen Carlton on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: Colleen worries about Adrian and Victoria in the wake of the Clear Springs collapse.
2nd reel: Colleen chats with guests at Lily's birthday party.

5. Vail Bloom as Heather Stevens on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: After finding out Paul is her biological father, Heather takes it out on others.
2nd reel: Daniel helps Heather deal with her daddy issues.

ANALYSIS: Look for a Landon three-peat but O'Brien is the spoiler.

1. Kristoff St. John as Neil Winters on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: Neil turns to alcohol in the wake of Drucilla's death.
2nd reel: Neil confronts Phyllis about her involvement in Dru's death.

2. Trent Dawson as Henry Coleman on AS THE WORLD TURNS
1st reel: Henry helps Vienna escape the authorities.
2nd reel: Henry deals with lingering feelings for Katie as he prepares to marry Vienna.

3. Greg Rikaart as Kevin Fisher on The THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: Kevin traps and taunts Jana.
2nd reel: After grieving for Jana, whom he believes to be dead, Kevin finds out she is very much alive.

4. Daniel Cosgrove as Bill Lewis on GUIDING LIGHT
1st reel & 2nd reel: In consecutive episodes, Bill signs away his rights to Emma before finding out that his friends and family are staging an intervention on his behalf.

5. Brian Kerwin as Charlie Banks on ONE LIFE TO LIVE
1st reel: Charlie tries to reunite with his estranged son, Jared.
2nd reel: Viki tries to help Charlie, who has fallen off the wagon.

ANALYSIS: St. John picked the best episodes to showcase his talent. I would love to see Dawson win this even though he probably deserved it more in previous years.

1. Kelley Menighan Hensley as Emily Stewart on AS THE WORLD TURNS
1st reel: Emily is roughed up by a trick.
2nd reel: Despite Dusty's concerns, Emily decides to continue hooking.

2. Gina Tognoni as Dinah Marler on GUIDING LIGHT
1st reel: Dinah admits to Matt that her brain isn't working right.
2nd reel: Dinah breaks down and admits to Mallet how difficult life is post-surgery.

3. Judi Evans as Bonnie Lockhart/Adrienne Kiriakis on DAYS OF OUR LIVES
1st reel: Bonnie and her son steal bones from a morgue.
2nd reel: Adrienne goes undercover at the asylum to try to help Patch.

4. Heather Tom as Katie Logan on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
1st reel: Katie accuses her father of being Stephanie's shooter.
2nd reel: Katie and Stephen resolve long-buried issues between them.

5. Tracey E. Bregman as Lauren Fenmore Baldwin on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: After confronting Shelia, Lauren trashes Fen's nursery.
2nd reel: Lauren blasts Michael for keeping secrets from her.

ANALYSIS: This is the one category where I absolutely adore all the nominees. I have been a huge fan of Judi Evans since she first appeared on GL when I was 13. I've loved Tracey Bregmen just about as long. But I have to go with Hensley and hooker Emily based on the reels.

1. Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: The day after marrying Sharon, Jack learns about his wife's affair with Brad.
2nd reel: Jack tries to salvage his marriage over a romantic dinner.

2. David Canary as Adam Chandler on ALL MY CHILDREN
1st and 2nd reel: In consecutive episodes, Adam reveals that Tad fathered Krystal's baby, then confronts his wife over her infidelity.

3. Christian Jules LeBlanc as Michael Baldwin on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: Michael opens up to an incapacitated and mute William.
2nd reel: Michael decides to defent his brother's girlfriend, Jana.

4. Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer on GENERAL HOSPITAL
1st reel: Luke fears bypass surgery will leave him a shell of his former self.
2nd reel: During surgery, Luke envisions a nightmarish life.

5. Thaao Penghlis as Andre Dimera on DAYS OF OUR LIVES
1st reel: Dressed as a clown, Andre torments Sami.
2nd reel: Andre forces Kate to lure Roman into a trap.

ANALYSIS: Hard to go wrong with the top four guys who have all won before. I like Bergman's reels the best this year but a Canary or LeBlanc win would not surprise me.

1. Maura West as Carly Tenney on AS THE WORLD TURNS
1st reel: Thinking she's dying, Carly makes videos for her children and Jack.
2nd reel: Carly tries convincing Jack he still loves her.

2. Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Newman on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: As Phyllis plays house with Nick, Sheila torments Paul and Maggie.
2nd reel: Phyllis tries to job Nick's memory of their life together.

3. Nicole Forester as Cassie Lewis on GUIDING LIGHT
1st reel: Cassie tries to be strong during Tammy's final hours.
2nd reel: Cassie deals with Tammy's death while making funeral arrangements.

4. Crystal Chappell as Olivia Spaulding on GUIDING LIGHT
1st reel: Having left Buzz at the altar, Olivia confronts Jeffrey.
2nd reel: Olivia confronts Reva with the truth about Jonathan's "death."

5. Jeanne Cooper as Katherine Chancellor on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
1st reel: Kay tells Jill and Nikki about the baby switch.
2nd reel: Katherine and Amber bond while trapped in the Clear Springs collapse.

ANALYSIS: West has been one the best actresses on soaps for years and finally was honored with an Emmy last year. I expect her to repeat this year although all of these ladies were impressive in the episodes submitted.


ANALYSIS: I have thought since it first aired the Metro Court hostage crisis episodes on GH would hold up and win the show another Emmy for Direction.


OLTL submitted consecutive Asa's death episodes which should put them over the top. Too bad they didn't submit both episodes for Drama Series. GUIDING LIGHT could have won this is they had submitted the same episodes they did for Drama Series.

Following Tammy's emotional funeral, Reva watches as Jonathan appears to drive off a cliff. The cast recreates their show's 70-year history in a tribute to Irna Phillips.

The teens of Llanview sing their way through prom night as Bo and Talia set a trap for the arsonist. Llanview is rocked by news of Asa's death.

Mr. Craig takes over the Metro Court Hotel and shoots Robin. As the hostage crisis contiues, Luke and Jason each plan rescue attempts.

Genoa City reacts to the news that Nick and Sharon may have died in a plane crash. Loved ones worry about those missing following the Clear Springs collaps.

I named GUIDING LIGHT's 70th anniversary episode the best in all of soaps last year so I have to go with GL on this one. OLTL might have won this if they picked a better episode to go with Asa's death.

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