Wednesday, April 2, 2008

News Brief

Robin Scorpio Rising
As GENERAL HOSPITAL celebrates 45 years on air, Kimberly McCullough scrubs in to discuss the only groundbreaking and revolutionary storyline on soaps.

Fox411: SAG vs AFTRA, Martha gone from ATWT, GL a debacle?
The craziness at daytime dramas — soap operas — is continuing in a new direction. This one bears watching. Susan Flannery, the Emmy winning veteran star of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is apparently at the center of a controversy concerning which union — SAG or AFTRA — will cover soap actors once the two unions split. Flannery, according to many sources, went to SAG with complaints about AFTRA, Other actors from her show may have joined her in this insurgency. Certainly, soap actors get the worst treatment and are lowest on every totem pole. Recently, Procter & Gamble kicked out its biggest star, Martha Byrne, after 25 years, from CBS’s AS THE WORLD TURNS when she asked to be guaranteed a number of episodes in the coming year. At the same time, P&G’s GUIDING LIGHT on CBS has been turned into a debacle. To save money they’ve eliminated most sets and camera crew, letting hand held video operators film the actors outdoors and then edit the material on site. The result is the biggest mess ever seen on professional television, production wise. The GUIDING LIGHT actors should be protesting via their union. The question is: which one, SAG or AFTRA?

This day in history: First two half hour soaps premiere
In 1956, the first half-hour soap operas, AS THE WORLD TURNS and THE EDGE OF NIGHT premiered on CBS television.

AUDIO: Interview with GH star Tyler Christopher
Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GENERAL HOSPITAL) appeared on "Buzzworthy Radio" to discuss his soap role and his upcoming improv event.

Martha Byrne takes the stage in "Other People's Money"
Recently departed AS THE WORLD TURNS star Martha Byrne (who last airs on April 22nd) will take the stage as Kate in "Other People's Money" running from May 1st to June 1st at the John W. Engeman Theater in Northport, New York.

VIDEO: Ex-DAYS star Lisa Rinna kissing a younger man?
TMZ reports: "Why would any smooth, sexy 20-something hook up with married 44-year-old mess Lisa Rinna? Yeah, we're not buying it either."

Morgan Fairchild Checks Out MEN IN TREES' "Morgan Fairchild"
The male-dense berg of Elmo gets a much-needed shot of womanhood when TV-serial icon Morgan Fairchild (SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, THE CITY) descends upon ABC's MEN IN TREES. Playing "Morgan Fairchild," the blonde beauty will seek to secure rights to Marin Frost's life story. invited (the real) Fairchild to preview her visit to Alaska, tell Morgan apart from "Morgan," and reflect upon '80s fashions. I want to run this by you: The soap opera GUIDING LIGHT is now taping on location using handheld cameras. Very groundbreaking, isn’t it?
Fairchild: [Laughs] Yeah, we only did that 13 years ago on THE CITY! It was a great idea then, and it's a great idea now, to broaden the scope of daytime shows.

Actors to begin contract talks April 15
Hollywood's main actors' union said on Tuesday it would begin talks on a new labor contract with the studios on April 15, setting the scene for a cliffhanger that could once again paralyze the movie and television industries. The Screen Actors Guild (SAG), which represents about 120,000 members, will negotiate a new three-year pact with the bargaining arm of the studios, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

Man campaigns to bring BROOKSIDE to DVD
A Liverpool man is campaigning for the city’s ground-breaking soap opera BROOKSIDE to be released on DVD. Twenty-one-year old Lee Laddy – who was not even born when the series began – has already got 3,000 signatures for a petition to resurrect the Liverpool-based soap which was first screened on Channel 4 on November 2, 1982, and which became legendary for tackling gritty, socially challenging storylines.

"We set an initial target of 2,000 but we’re well past that now and we’ve been getting responses from all over the country," said support worker Lee, from Old Swan, who formed the on-line campaign group with his friend Danny Burton.

"Not only did it have some great storylines but it documents a part of Liverpool life and would make a great piece of social history."

Big Stars and Big Breaks
Before they became big-time celebs, some stars were starving artists struggling to make the rent. So what did they do when they finally landed their first big paycheck? Both Julianne Moore and James Earl Jones invested their first substantial chunk of cash in items for those they loved most. Moore beauty bought a "hugely expensive cashmere sweater" for her mom when she scored her gig on AS THE WORLD TURNS. And the GUIDING LIGHT star picked up a wedding ring for his first wife. "To me, it was a lot then," Jones says of the bauble, "but still it wasn’t very expensive." (His second wife got a much bigger one, Mrs. Jones No. 2 told Parade.)

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