Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Flashback: TV Listings for April 2, 1956

ON TELEVISION (New York City listings)
Channel 2..WCBS-TV
Channel 4..WRCA-TV
Channel 5..WABD
Channel 7..WABC-TV
Channel 9..WOR-TV
Channel 11..WPIX
Channel 13..WATV

Monday, April 2, 1956
1:30-2-As The World Turns: with Don McLaughlin, Helen Wagner, others; dramatic series about a lawyer (Premiere) - (2).

1:30-3-Film: Afternoon Show: "Four Faces West," with Joel McCrea, Frances Dee, Charles Bickford; Western - (7).

3-4-Matinee Theater: "Singer in the Valley," Betty Lynn plays a compassionate school tacher; in cooperation with the Lutheran Television Associates (Color) - (4).

3-5-Film: Afternoon Festival: "Turn the Key Softly," with Yvonne Mitchell, Terence Morgan, others; the first day of freedom for three women released from prison - (7).

4:30-5-The Edge of Night: John Larkin, Bob Dixon in a series abuot the adventures of a detective lieutenant (Premiere) - (2).

And later that evening on the same channel ATWT and EON premiered...

9-9:30-I Love Lucy: with Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz; Lucy suspected as a thief - (2).

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