Friday, April 18, 2008

Evening News

Nelson Branco's weekly "Suds Report"
Is Kim Zimmer leaving ‘GL’? ‘GH’s Jason Thompson replaced! Kathy Hilton cameos on ‘Y&R’! Another ‘Days’ star joins ‘OLTL’!

B&B'S Donna In The Doghouse
Donna's life turns upside down next week on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. She's got Tiny's death on her conscience plus she can't make head or tails (pun intended) of Stephanie's odd behavior regarding her upcoming marriage to Eric. "Ever since she's known Stephanie, it's been one stunt after another. She's fearful that Stephanie's going to use the children to manipulate Eric to cancel their wedding plans," Jennifer Gareis (Donna) shares with Soap Opera Weekly in their April 29 issue.

Liveblogging ATWT: So Noah Married an Axe Murderer
Live recap of Friday's episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS.

VIDEO: GL stars plant trees in Cincy

Ross the Intern to guest on DAYS
Ross Mathews ("Ross the Intern" on NBC's THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO) will guest-star on the Wednesday, May 14 episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES as a patron at the Salem Health Club who befriends Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney).

In this episode of DAYS, Sami Brady is working out at the Salem Health Club while trying to ignore the fact that she's jealous of her husband EJ DiMera's (James Scott) flirtations with Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) when she meets Chris (Ross Mathews).

At the treadmills, Sami confides in Chris about her jealousy over Nicole and EJ working out together. When Nicole and EJ disappear into the sauna together, she asks Chris to spy on the two of them for her. Chris is more than happy to help out his new friend, Sami, but what he reports back from visiting the sauna is not what Sami's going to want to hear.

Blogging with Dena Higley
DAYS OF OUR LIVES headwriter Dena Higley blogs about her hectic life.

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  1. Is Pamela's (B&B) dog named "Tidy"?

    I thought he was named "Tiny"... hmmm...