Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Evening News

ATWT's EP Chris Goutman Banned from Speaking About Nuke to the Press!
Procter & Gamble, producer of AS THE WORLD TURNS, has banned Executive Producer Christopher Goutman from speaking to the press about the Luke and Noah (Nuke) kissing controversery. In an interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan, CBS daytime chief Barbara Bloom explains how she feels: "I can assure you there is no homophobia on the part of the network, nor are we pandering to any group. We have no censored ATWT or asked them to hold back in any way. I really hope the show will continue to evolve the Luke and Noah story, and that they culminate their relationship the way all couples in love do."

GREEK creator Patrick Sean Smith comments on ATWT's Nuke
"That’s really not the way we want to go. Having worked with Greg Berlanti, I feel like I had a great opportunity to see good storytelling, but also doing the things that you want to do and things that you want to put out there, but doing them at the right time as opposed to doing it just to say we were blah, blah, blah in history."

B&Bs Katherine Kelly Lang interviewed by Nelson Branco
Katherine Kelly Lang reflects on Brooke’s rape, why her character is so controversial, and a future without Susan Flannery. On Brooke's popularity: "I think she has a good and bad side to her. Deep down, she’s a real person. She makes mistakes. People can relate to her."

Finola Hughes back on GH
A GENERAL HOSPITAL rep confirms to Soap Opera Digest that fan fave Finola Hughes (Anna) is heading back to Port Charles this spring. Her first air date is set for April 25. Anna will reportedly find out that her daughter Robin (Kimberly McCullough) is having a baby — which also means that the worldly Anna be a grandmother! Hughes's Anna was last seen in P.C. in August, when she left town with Patrick's (Jason Thompson) father, Noah (Rick Springfield), heading out on rock star Eli Love's world tour.

GUIDING LIGHT modernizes production
TV's longest-running dramatic series, is freshening up its approach. The 71-year-old soap opera has implemented a new production model. Pedestal cameras, limited sets and the traditional control booth have been replaced with handheld cameras, 40 permanent sets and a faster editing process. "Light" now produces 20% of its weekly footage with location shooting in Peapack, N.J., which doubles for the show's fictional setting of Springfield.

"It's become widely accepted that soaps need to do something (in order to survive)," says Ellen Wheeler, "Light's" executive producer who began her daytime career as an actress on "Another World" in 1984. "This is an opportunity to reach out to people who never would've considering watching a soap because of its look."

"Light" is no stranger to embracing technology. The Irna Phillips-created drama was among the first soaps to segue from radio to TV (1952), switch transmitting from black-and-white to color (1967), expand from 15 to 30 minutes (1968) and become available via podcast (2005).

"The new format allows the characters to live in a 360-degree universe as opposed to a proscenium stage," says Barbara Bloom, senior VP of daytime at CBS. "We hope that this will increase viewership."

Daytime legend Eileen Fulton nominated for MAC Award
The nominees for the 22nd Annual MAC Awards have been announced, honoring excellence in New York City cabaret, comedy and jazz. Eileen Fulton, Klea Blackhurst, John Treacy Egan, Heather Parcells and Nancy Witter announced the 2008 MAC nominees today at the Barnes & Noble Lincoln Triangle. Eileen Fulton (Lisa, AS THE WORLD TURNS) was nominated in the "Female Celebrity Artist" category along with former ONE LIFE TO LIVE actress Christine Ebersole. Winners will be announced on May 6th at B.B. King Blues Club, located on West 42nd Street.

ATWT films on location in NJ on Wednesday morning
Oakdale, Ill., will come to Hunterdon County on Wednesday morning when popular CBS-TV soap opera "As the World Turns'' brings its characters and cameras to Main Street. Soap fans will have to get up extra early to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. Plans call for breakfast, meetings and make-up at 6:30 a.m. in the Towne Restaurant at 31 Main St., which will remain open for business during filming. Most of the filming will take place at about 8 a.m. inside and outside the Clinton Book Shop at 33 Main St., where owner Harvey Finkel was told that the film crew might have to move a few things around, but when they're done, he'll never know they were there.

GL stars to attend CASA awards dinner
The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University will hold its 16th annual awards dinner, A Celebration of American Leadership in Combating Substance Abuse, on Thursday, March 27, 2008 at The Pierre, Fifth Avenue at 61st Street, New York City. Among guests scheduled to attend the dinner are Ron Raines and Tina Sloan of GUIDING LIGHT.

Is ex-ATWTer Courteney Cox stealing ex-GHer Demi Moores's fashion thunder?
Is Courteney Cox stealing Demi Moore's look? Or is it the other way around?

EW's Soap Watch: Michael Damian to 'Rock On' Y&R
Get those old issues of Tiger Beat out of the attic: Former teen idol Michael Damian returns to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS this week as Danny Romalatti. Damian will perform during a magazine launch party that serves as the unofficial celebration of the show's 35th anniversary. During his two-day return engagement, Danny will smooth the waters with his old buddy (and romantic rival) Paul (Doug Davidson) and with son Daniel (Michael Graziadei).

Hey Leno, How's This for "Gayest Look"?!
Broadway playwright Jeffy Whitty is once again lashing out at Jay Leno -- this time for asking Ryan Phillippe to give his "gayest look" on THE TONIGHT SHOW. During an interview last week, Leno made light of Ryan's first acting role -- playing a gay teen on ONE LIFE TO LIVE-- by asking the visibly uncomfortable star to give him his "gayest look." Queer eye for the unfunny guy!

It's official: Dena Higley is now the sole head writer on DAYS
Dena Higley is now the sole head writer on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, according to a show publicist. The show wouldn't say when she came on board, but it confirms that she is now at the helm as head writer, replacing Hogan Sheffer. Higley has been a source of controversy recently. Last summer, she left ONE LIFE TO LIVE, where she was also head writer, after fans started a petition calling for her dismissal.

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