Friday, January 11, 2008

News Brief

New York Times: When Hollywood’s studios walked away from the bargaining table last month, striking screenwriters came out swinging. They filed a legal complaint, boycotted an awards show and picketed late-night television programs. But the militant tactics may be creating fissures within the guild. In particular, some writers wonder whether they are actually doing more harm to themselves than their opponents. Two of the most prominent soap opera writers to return to work are James Harmon Brown and Barbara J. Esensten, the co-head writers of “ALL MY CHILDREN on ABC, according to someone briefed on their decision who would discuss it only anonymously. The writing team, whose credits include GUIDING LIGHT and PORT CHARLES, accepted financial core status and returned to work in late December.

New York Daily News: Greenlee returns to her cosmetics company next week on ALL MY CHILDREN, just as Rebecca Budig reprises her popular role. "My first scenes back were fun," says Budig, who spent two years in L.A. with hubby Bob Guiney ("The Bachelor") auditioning for prime-time shows and films. "There are all these new girls at Fusion [Greenlee's company] now. They're fun to play with. They're game." Indeed, in Budig's absence, the role of Babe was recast, while newcomer Annie joined the Fusion team. But the biggest change is that Greenlee is now romantically involved with Aidan. "He's so funny and charming," says Budig. "We haven't had much to do together yet, though, because I've been with Kendall."

Entertainment Weekly: He may have had fans from his soap opera days, but according to LAS VEGAS Creator Gary Scott Thompson, Josh Duhamel never got to see them. "When he was in New York on ALL MY CHILDREN, he was just convinced that Susan Lucci hated him, and so he spent every weekend rehearsing and rehearsing and rehearsing."

National Post: David Booth writes: "Iam worried, very worried, in fact, that new action hero Justin Bruening (ALL MY CHILDREN) may have bitten off more than he can chew."

Sun Herald: THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Winsor Harmon talks about career. In the second grade, Winsor Harmon caught the acting bug. "I did a play, called 'The Wells Fargo Wagon,' a musical, and I knew that's what I wanted to do, be an actor."

This is Nottingham: Lisa Riley first's soap opera role was actually not in EMMERDALE but in CORONATION STREET. "I had a line," she laughs. "I was in Bettabuys with Curly and Vera wasn't coming to work. It was something lik e 'Where's Vera?'. But fraught with meaning, of course." She rose to fame as Mandy Dingle in EMMERDALE but left to host YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED in 1998.

Edmonton Sun: CBC's new 'un-Canadian' soap opera MVP even has nudity!

Gawker: When Julia Allison, the Star Magazine talking head, explained her breakup with Jakob Lodwick, she blamed the charismatic uber-geek's hookup with one of her "close friends," who turned out to be ALL MY CHILDREN STAR Leven Ramblin.

Passions Fan Cruise: Emily Harper (Fancy Crane) has been added as an additional host of the "Farewell to Harmony" cruise on Carnival Elation, April 1, 2008 from San Diego! Emily joins co-hosts Eric Martsolf (Ethan Winthrop), Eva Tamargo (Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald), and Colton Shires (Little Ethan Crane) for the five-night cruise to Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada.

The Soap Box: ABC reached a new low in their "real Greenlee" campaign.

Buzzworthy Radio: Audio: Interview with ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Kassie DePaiva.

TV Guide Canada: Nelson Branco's latest Sud's Report.

AfterElton: Well, we got one whole day of Nuke this week on ATWT (have you sent your Hershey kisses yet?) and apparently the boys are moving in together along with Grandma Emma. Um, okay. Am I the only who thinks two college-age gay boys living with one of their grandmother's on her farm is a little creepy?

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