Friday, January 4, 2008

AMC's Jacob Young on MADE

MTV will air new episodes of its Emmy Award winning series, “MADE” starting on January 7th at 10pm (ET/PT) and January 12th at 11am-4pm (ET/PT).

Back for its eighth season MTV’s “MADE” chronicles the challenges and accomplishments that young people face as they attempt a life-changing transformation. To assist on their journey in accomplishing their “makeover”, MTV provides a coach who doubles as a mentor. The premiere episode “Made: Boxer” airing on January 7th at 10pm will feature Whitley, a ballet dancing girly girl who wants to stop relying on her friends for everything and get tough by being MADE into a hard hitting boxer.

A marathon of new “Made” episodes airing on January 12th from 11am -4pm (ET/PT) includes "Made: Soap Star" (3 PM) – Erick, a seventeen year old from Pennsylvania, is tired of feeling invisible. So he’s decided he wants to be MADE into a soap opera star to gain the celebrity he so feels he deserves. With soap sensation, Jacob Young as his coach, Erick only has 5 weeks to learn the ins and outs of being a daytime star in order to nail the once in a lifetime opportunity to audition for All MY CHILDREN.

You can also find out what happens to the young people featured on LIFE AFTER MADE, as well as view full episodes by checking out . “MADE” was created and is executive produced by Bob Kusbit and Francis Lyons for One Louder Productions. Dave Sirlnick, Tony DiBari, and Summer Strauch are executive producers for MTV.

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