Monday, December 10, 2007

Ugly Betty Star Mugged

David Blue, the actor who plays Cliff, Marc's boyfriend on "Ugly Betty," was mugged after leaving a wrap party for the show in Hollywood.

The actor wrote about the incident on his MySpace blog:

Sorry to be a downer,

I went to a wonderful wrap party for season 2 of UGLY BETTY tonight. It was a blast, full of cast, crew, producers, writers, etc. I had a lot of fun with America, Michael and a bunch of other nice people. In fact, even after working on the show for so long, I had somehow never gotten pictures of myself with any of the people I've worked with. So, tonight I took a lot of pictures and had a great time.

Then, walking back to my friends' car, about a block away from the party, two men jumped out of their car and held a gun to my face and stole my wallet and my friends' purse/camera/phone. They drove away and I've spent the past 2 hours talking with the police and my credit card companies.

There's a sad part of me that is just happy that I got away alive and that my friend wasn't hurt. There's another sad part of me that is happy they got me and not America Ferrera, Michael Urie, Judith Light or anybody else at the party with WAY more money than myself. There's another sad part of me that is so angry that I just want to see these people put behind bars as soon as possible. You see, though I've been lucky to recur on two different shows, I'm still far from financially stable. Hopefully, I was able to catch my credit cards before they got anything. [In fact, all my companies say they tried to spend some money on ALL of them in the past 20 minutes at a single gas station but were denied because I cancelled them so fast.] But now I have no money for food, supplies or anything for a week. It's sad how quickly your life can be affected... and even more sad how angry a few people's SAD choices can affect people's lives so morosely.

It bothers me that this was Hollywood. I've lived in New York, Astoria, Queens, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, Texas, all over... and this crap happened in the heart of Hollywood near a MAJOR intersection. I'm just glad we were smart enough to hand over our money so quickly. Because I can tell you, even with a gun in my face, my first reaction was to nail this guy in the face with as many punches as I could muster... but instead I looked at my female friend and realized it'd be better to hand over my wallet and call the police.

Be careful kids. And let's hope these guys get caught before they do too much damage. The police told us that this has happened a few times in the past few weeks. And on top of that, as we were in their car, we heard a radio call saying another mugging happened with the same description...about 30 minutes after ours.

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