Sunday, November 11, 2007

Top 10 at the Box Office - Soap Stars Making an Impact

1. Bee Movie [wkd $26M], (cume $72.1M) - Featuring Ray Liotta (ex-Joey, "Another World")
2. American Gangster [wkd $24.2M], (cume $80.6M) - Featuring Russell Crowe (ex-Kenny, Neighbours"), Ruben Santiago-Hudson (ex-Billy, "Another World"), Tom O'Rourke (ex-Justin, "Guiding Light")
3. Fred Claus [wkd [$19.2M], (cume $19.2M) - Featuring Kathy Bates (ex-Belle, "All My Children")
4. Lions For Lambs [wkd $6.5M], (cume $6.5M) - Featuring Paula Rhodes (ex-Tiffany, "All My Children")
5. Dan In Real Life [wkd $5.8M], (cume $30.6M) - Featuring Amy Ryan (ex-Renee, "As The World Turns") and Matthew Morrison (ex-Adam, "As The World Turns")
6. Saw IV [wkd $5M], (cume $58M) - Devon Bostick (ex-Nic, "Degrassi: The Next Generation")
7. The Game Plan [wkd $2.4M], (cume $85.4M) - Featuring Kyra Sedgwick (ex-Julia, "Another World"), Roselyn Sanchez (ex-Pilar, "As The World Turns") and Paige Turgo (ex-Dina, "Guiding Light")
8. P2 [wkd $2.2M], (cume $2.2M)
9. 30 Days Of Night [wkd $2.1M], (cume $37.3M) - Featuring Manu Bennett (ex-Jack, "Shortland Street"), Joel Tobeck (ex-Craig, "Shortland Street") and Elizabeth Hawthorne (ex-Julia, "Shortland Street")
10. Martian Child [wkd $1.7M], (cume $6M) - Featuring Amanda Peet (ex-Layle, "One Life to Live") and Sophie Okonedo (ex-Gina, "Casualty"),

Box Office data: Dealine Hollywood

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