Friday, November 9, 2007

Summary of Strike Quotes from Daytime's Writers

Hogan Sheffer ("Days of our Lives"): "There's all this Internet money now. Somebody's got it and we don't have any of it."

Robert Guza ("General Hospital"): "There is definitely concern for how daytime would survive a long-lasting strike."

Stephen Demorest ("All My Children): “They won’t go dark. They won’t put on game shows. They won’t do reruns.”

Peter Brash (“As the World Turns”): They (the producers) just can't get away with it any more (not sharing DVD and internet profits). It's just a whole bunch of corporate greed."

Courtney Simon (“As the World Turns”): "The pace of soaps is relentless. They are going to have to scramble soon to get material to tape. “I think it’s the wave of the future (online programming). And it’s going to hit home very soon.”

David Rupel ("Coastal Dreams"): “I think the strike is very relevant to us. ‘Guiding Light,’ we celebrated our 75th anniversary this year, which is great. But the soap market is dwindling on TV. In five years, three years or even two, we could be on the Internet.”

Jeff Gottesfeld ("The Young and the Restless"): "I was reluctant to join the strike. It's not anything any of us are dying to do. We're individual writers. We're not making $5 million a year, like Steve Zaillian. (Four centers per DVD) That's the writer's cut. If there were four writers, they'd have to divide the money. It's not so laughable. 'Heroes' is downloaded 90 million times. We (writers) have got to figure out something on Internet downloading and streaming. When they (producers) make money, we should make money."

Tom Casiello ("Days of our Lives"): "I understand and completely support my union, which is something I haven't always been able to say. But in this case, I believe they're in the right, and the AMPTP is trying to screw us."

David Goldschmid ("General Hospital"): "I've been walking the picket line for four days now and I still find other writers walking with me who are stunned when I tell them my show is being written by scab writers *as we speak.* Primetime and feature writers don't have to worry about this problem. But we do; we soap writers are the first/worst to suffer in this awful strike that will (hopefully) benefit us all. I just wish the rest of the writers in other parts of the entertainment industry knew how badly we daytime scribes were getting screwed for them."

UPDATED 11/10:
Marla Kanelos ("All My Children"): "I'm terrified. This is not fun. This is not what I wanted to happen, but I will get a job at Starbucks before I'll cave. The soaps are probably going to be the first shows to head to the Internet. That's why the fight over compensation for new media is so important."

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  1. I am on the side of the writers. It sounds like the producers don't want to share the profits of the new media.