Tuesday, November 13, 2007

John-Paul Lavoisier: I Haven't Had A Couple of Anything

Here are some tidbits from Super Soap Weekend from Matt Palm of the Orlando Sentinel:
As promised, here's the answer to which soap star snapped a bit at Saturday night's Soap Jam when a fan commented he seemed to have been drinking. It provides a valuable lesson to attendees: Remember, the actors are STANDING RIGHT THERE. They are not in your TV. They can hear you, so some common courtesy would be nice. Of course, Super Soap Weekend is not known for courtesy.

Anyhoo, it was John-Paul Lavoisier from "One Life to Live" who encountered the rude fan. But J-P (who I have never seen anything less than gracious and full of fun around fans) didn't let her off the hook.

"He looks like he's had a couple," the fan said.

J-P looked her straight in the eye, and said firmly "I haven't had a couple of anything, I'm exhausted." He also shared how he had been up before dawn to catch his flight from New York to Orlando. And, it should be mentioned, he had stopped for more photos with fans on his way back from a bathroom break. Now that's dedication. Five minutes later, he was onstage, introducing his colleague Kathy Brier. He must run on Energizer batteries!

Other moments:

Fun with Cameron Mathison (Ryan on "All My Children"): He's known for taking off his shirt at the slightest provocation, and he didn't let fans down. While signing autographs, a lone voice in the throng called out "Hey Cameron, why is your shirt still on?" He grinned. The crowd roared, and then roared again, and then the clamor grew deafening. Within a minute, he had unbuttoned. I escaped before the ladies stormed his autograph station.

Fun with Jacob Young (JR on "All My Children"): It's always shocking to first-time attendees how much shorter actors and actresses are in real life than they appear on TV. Jacob is not the tallest guy in the world, and it was fun to hear a fan yell, "Stand up, Jacob, so we can see you!" Um, sorry ma'am, he was standing.

Fun with Jacob Young Part 2: One fan, desperate for him to look her way so she could snap a photo, tried a new approach: "Hey, Jacob," she yelled, "you owe me child support!" Not only did he look, the fan was treated to a full-fledged guffaw. "Now that's one I have never heard before," he said with a good-natured laugh.

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