Saturday, November 10, 2007

CBS Fan Panel: What Is The Point?

CBS Daytime has put up the latest Fan Panel on their website. This week, they are asking fans questions about "As The World Turns". Is there any point to this? Let's look at the questions.

Question #1: If Carly told Jack the truth, would he still marry her?
*No. Jack will not forgive her this type of lie.
*Maybe. He did say he still loved her and maybe the fact she isn’t dying will be all he needs to know.
*Absolutely. Jack is Carly’s compass. He will always love her.
*This story doesn’t interest me.

COMMENT: At least they give you an 'I don't care' option, but what is CBS going to do with our answers? Especially if we picked one of the first three. The wedding and aftermath were filmed ages ago.

Question #2: Does Emily really want to be with Chris?
*Yes. She knows he is devoted to her and will never let her down.
*I’m not so sure. She still feels a pull towards Dusty.
*No. She wants to punish Dusty and Alison for how they hurt her.
*I’m not really sure.

COMMENT: Again, the story is written and in the can. What would our answers tell them?

Qustion #3: Can Rosanna and Craig keep Meg and Paul apart?
*Yes. Rosanna lost too much in the past to lose Paul now.
*Maybe. Craig keeps smothering Meg. He is only driving her further away.
*No. Paul and Meg are a force of nature. Nothing can keep the apart.
*I just don’t know.

COMMENT: On the heels of Cady McClain's firing, why the heck are they asking a Rosanna question? And where is the 'I don't care' option when you need it?

Question #4: Will Holden go through with filing for divorce from Lily?
*Yes. Holden doesn’t think there is anything left to hold on to the marriage.
*Maybe. He seems to be working well with Lily to help Luke.
*No. Holden still loves Lily. He will not go through with it.

COMMENT: So they're asking what we think will happen instead of what we want to happen? Because those two need to divorce pronto.

Question #5: The story that keeps me coming back is...
*Carly still pretending to be dying to get Jack back.
*Luke’s paralysis and his relationship with Noah.
*Barbara making a deal with the devil to help Gwen and Will.
*Emily coming back to town with Chris and rubbing it in Dusty’s face.
*Aaron’s friendship with Sofie and her relationship with Cole.
*Paul, Meg, Craig and Rosanna.

COMMENT: Finally a chance to say what we like. Reverse Carly and Luke's story and they pretty much have put them the order I like them. And yes, I enjoy Sofie/Cole more than the boring Paul, Meg, Craig and Rosanna story which is wasting all four actors.

So in conclusion, the answer is no. The survey is pointless. How about this for a question: Would you prefer the current writers or scabs?

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