Thursday, September 13, 2007

News Brief

Daily Record: Guiding Light films at Lake Shawnee. "Motor boats usually are not allowed on Lake Shawnee, but Wednesday the private beach club made an exception.

That meant that Harley Cooper was able to pull a sopping wet Cyrus Foley out of the lake and into the boat. At one point she slapped him."

NYMF: Marnie Schulenburg from As The World Turns will play Ms. Math in the NYMF show "The Yellow Wood" beginning Wednesday September 19th.

PGP Blog: Michelle Ray Smith of Guiding Light will appear on The Early Show on September 17, to talk about her father's suicide. She is also featured in this month's issue of "Glamour Magazine" discussing the issue.

This is Nottingham: Hollyoaks' Clare to meet 'watery' end?

Burlington Times News: The band Whiskey Falls says “Allison (Sweeney, Days of our Lives) was going to be in a wedding scene and she’d heard our song ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’ and she said ‘That song will be great for that scene.’ And they ended up using it,” he said.

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