Sunday, August 5, 2007

News Brief

Tulsa World: General Hospital legend Anna Lee’s story in bookstores now.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: 'Dead Ex' is a delightful third romp from ex-Guiding Light, Texas and Santa Barbara star Harley Jane Kozak.

Digital Spy: Fremantle wanted to give Neighbours a 'good home'.

Boston Herald: Ex-As The World Turns actress Spencer Grammer on her new role on Greek. “For everybody, the college experience is about redefining yourself. You get to start fresh and in a new place with new friends, and you are looking toward your future and figuring out your career, and . . . it’s scary because you don’t really know who you want to be. You are breaking rules. You are not listening to your parents. Your parents aren’t there, but you still have the cloak of being in an environment where you are being protected still. And I think that’s what the show is about.”

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