Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rate the Recasts

In our next installment of Rate the Recasts, WeLoveSoaps gives a thumbs up to a couple of recent soap replacements. Here are our grades:

Alison Stewart, ATWT: B
Marnie Schulenberg played the role of Alison Stewart on The Young and the Restless and L.A. Diaries before finally debuting on As The World Turns. She has stepped into the role with ease and made it her own. The new porn star meth addict Alison is not the same character that Jessica Dunphy played but that is not the fault of the actress. Schulenberg has shined in her scenes with ATWT vets Kelley Hensley and Marie Masters.

Ryan Chandler, S&S: A
Ryan Chandler brings just the right mix of innocence and yearning to the role of Clint Richards on Scripts & Scruples. His version of Clint harkens back to the potrayal of Nick Mathews in the role. His chemistry with Charissa Morvillo's Dara is abundant and Clint's recent declaration that he was a changed man was intriguing.

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