Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Daytime Emmy Preview - Drama Series

Outstanding Drama Series Nominees:
Tape 1: (December 6, 2006)
Stephanie confronts Ann in Chicago, trying to get answers from her mother as to why she never protected her. Pam admits to having questions about events in the past, including blood on the sheets and Stephanie's refusal to go swimming, but says Stephanie never let her ask the questions. Ann tries to turn it around on Stephanie, insisting that anything Stephanie got she deserved, but Stephanie refuses to accept that explanation anymore. In Los Angeles, Taylor gathers Thorne, Felicia and Ridge together to tell them about why Stephanie is in Chicago. All three react differently, with Thorne trying to rationalise it in his own mind, Ridge talking about Stephanie's abilities as a mother and how they were affected, and Felicia tearfully asking questions in a hope to understand.
Tape 2: (December 7, 2006)
-Thorne and Taylor put Ally to bed as they discuss Stephanie and her father. Thorne still finds it hard to believe how a parent could abuse their child and for the mother to do nothing. Brooke tells Ridge that she finally understands Stephanie's anger and controlling nature due to her childhood. Ridge and Brooke spend time with Hope and help her with a dance for school. Ann still refuses to take any responsibility for John beating Stephanie. Ann blames it all on Stephanie and refuses to allow any bad word said against John. Eric defends Stephanie and vents his full anger at Ann. Stephanie and Eric return to Los Angeles and she tells him that she never wants to see Ann ever again.

Tape 1: (Sept. 13, 2006)
-All of Dinah and Mallet's friends urge them to get back together at their non wedding reception. Dinah and Mallet decide to get married there and then but Dinah is stalled by Jeffrey's sudden appearance. Dinah is forced to leave with Jeffrey when he threatens to spend her back to prison if she doesn't help him now.
Tape 2: (February 8, 2006)
-Jonathan and Tammy have a special night planned, but things start to go wrong when Jonathan has a vision of Nate, who is trying to tell him how wrong he is for Tammy. He shows him a vision first of Jonathan and Tammy's future, where they are all alone, then shows Jonathan what Tammy's life would have been like without him in it, where she is marrying her soul mate. The next vision shows Jonathan a sibling-like relationship that could have developed if Jonathan had been honest with Tammy from the start. Once back in the real world, Jonathan takes off on Tammy, telling her to go and live her life, but she continues to insist that the only life she wants is one with him in it.

Tape 1: (May 29, 2006)
-The governor refuses to hold off on the execution and with Todd's final words to Blair he vows never to forgive her. Starr creates a scene outside the prison when she realises that Spencer is headed inside to watch the execution. John manages to arrive at the prison just as Todd is being given the third injection.
Tape 2: (Friday, October 6, 2007)
-John's Funeral

Tape 1: November 10, 2006
-Genoa City residents come up with their own scenarios on "Who killed Carmen Mesta?"
Tape 2: (December 18, 2006)
-The storm hits Genoa City in full force, stranding together a number of interesting duos. Adrian and Colleen, Brad and Sharon and Phyllis and Jack are all caught together. Nick comes across Daniel and Lily, who have gone off the road together. Amber, Jill, Kay and Esther wind up at the Chancellor mansion together with Sylvia Browne.

Predicted Winner: Guiding Light
Runner Up: The Bold and the Beautiful

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