Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Newsday on the state of soaps

Newsday examines the states of soaps and talks about Passions move to DirecTV and the future of Days of our Lives. Here's an excerpt:

But none of this seems to address the central crisis afflicting soaps today: How to create 21st century excitement in shows behaving in 20th century ways? Plotting is recycled from decades back. Gender roles and cultural values are too often dated. The shows are low-tech relics in a high-tech universe, in terms of both their Luddite conduct (it took forever for characters to get cell phones, learn to IM, et al.) and their cheesy low-definition videotape look. Daytime dramas simply feel like your mother's genre - if not your grandmother's - which isn't exactly the prescription for attracting a new generation of fans.

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