Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Guiding Light cast, crew get back to work

The cast and crew members of "Guiding Light," the CBS daytime drama, are back in the construction business again and will present another Biloxi homeowner with keys to a new, furnished home Tuesday.

The stars of "Guiding Light" shut down their New York production studio in January to kick off their unique yearlong rebuilding campaign with the Hands-On Network by adopting and rebuilding three storm-damaged homes in Biloxi.

The first Biloxi home was completed in February with the two remaining homes in the last stages of completion.

"Everyone here at CBS and 'Guiding Light' feel connected with the people in South Mississippi and since we started this project, a lot of our members have come back to participate in community activities," said Cristin Callaghan, public relations for "Guiding Light" and "As the World Turns."

"Guiding Light" cast members Bradley Cole (Jeffery) and Michael O'Leary (Rick), along with production staff members, will lead the celebrity construction team project with the volunteers from Hands-On.

"Guiding Light" and the Hands-On Network partnered to raise the level of volunteerism across the United States. The Hands-On Network is a nonprofit network of 64 volunteer organizations and a half-million volunteers.

In addition to the partnership with Hands-On, "Guiding Light" celebrated its 70th anniversary on television and its commitment to volunteerism in Biloxi with three special episodes that aired in January and February.

"It is emotional for the stars and production members when they return to the Coast because the people mean something to them, and Robert Newman, who plays Joshua on the show, is bringing his whole family down here this summer for vacation to volunteer," Callaghan said.

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