Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cady McClain returns to ATWT

Despite rumblings that Cady McClain might be returning to All My Children as Dixie, it has been confirmed by Cady herself that she is returning to As The World Turns as Rosanna.

From her blog - Cady Confessions:
Yes, it is true. I am returning to ATWT to play Rosanna Cabot, who will arise from her coma in Switzerland to what deeds we can only imagine! Who is she now?! What did she dream?! How is her hair?!

I am very pleased to be returning, and I hope to have a lot of fun. The “Dixie Lives” scribble on Janet’s notepad was the first I have heard of anything, but maybe she switched bodies while ghosting around the netherworld and is now somehow inhabiting Rosanna Cabot’s small but mighty frame?

Well, you know how it goes in soapland. Drama, drama, drama.

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