Monday, April 23, 2007

Y&R's Doug Davidson visiting Australia

When Doug Davidson became the strapping private investigator Paul Williams on The Young and The Restless in 1978, his character's first relationship was with a stripper. His next conquest was a prostitute.

"A lot of the storylines can seem like a stretch on paper but when you bring them to life in the context of the show, they are quite believable," Davidson said.

"Anyway, who would have thought there would have been an astronaut who would try to kill someone who she considered a rival for another astronaut? Things happen in real life that there is no way we could sell on our show."

Davidson was in Sydney ahead of his guest appearance at the ASTRA Awards for pay TV.

The Young and The Restless was a mainstay on the Nine Network for 19 years before it was axed in favour of The Catch-Up, a chat show similar to the US program, The View.

Davidson said his show's move from free-to-air to the less watched pay TV, where the show now airs in primetime on the W Channel, is a sign that people are more willing these days to pay money for a specific type of program.

"People seem to accept things that cost money fairly easily now, there's always the gripes when they have to pay for something they once got for free, but if they want they'll pay for it," he said.

Davidson has another week of intense promotional work before his wife, daughter, 17, and a son, 14, join him for a holiday in Australia during which he plans to visit with one of his closest friends - singer and actor Rick Springfield (Noah, General Hospital).

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