Sunday, April 22, 2007

Soap Opera Sundays

If you didn't get your soap fix during the week, you can listen to Soap Opera Sundays on Radio Loger.

The line-up kicks off at 9am ET with the best of The Big Apple Meets Tinseltown featuring interviews with some of soap's finest like Louise Sorel, Ilene Kristen, Jill Larson, Terri Colombino, Anna Holbrook and more.

At 10am catch up on this week's Scripts & Scruples.

At 10:30am you can listen to a marathon of the new hit radio soap Eye of the Storm.

From Noon to 8pm you can listen to old-time radio soaps like The Guiding Light and One Man's Family.

At 8pm you can listen to a Rockland County marathon.

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