Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Simon Fuller launches 'US EastEnders'

Former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller looks set to expand his empire with a new American soap that's already being touted as EastEnders for the US.

Tentatively titled Born In The USA, the half-hour soap will be set in Philadelphia and follow the intertwining lives of three blue-collar families from different ethnic backgrounds.

And it looks like Simon has been tapping into the well of talent from his other hit US show, American Idol, for his new TV series.

Lisa Tucker, who was a runner-up in last year's American Idol, and has since been busy filming roles in The OC and Nickelodeon's Zoey 101, has signed on to play 'a smart, beautiful girl with a good sense of humour', according to the Hollywood Reporter, and will have a 'larger-than-life mother' played by US TV actress Tembi Locke.

Other characters in the show's pilot episode, set to air on the Fox network in the US later this year, will include a Polish pub-owner, a young Catholic priest, a divorced father and an engaged couple.

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