Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Emmy Nominee Chando Helps Victims Of Violence

Love Our Children USA announced that Alexandra Chando, Emmy Award nominated actress, As The World Turns, has taped a public service announcement for the organization to offer hope and help to kids and teens who are victims of violence.

In her role on ATWT, Alexandra’s character teenage Maddie, was molested by a family member. Alexandra knows what growing up in a safe and loving home really means. But over 3 million kids don’t. Those are only the ones that are reported. Of those 3 million kids, over 98,000 kids and teens are sexually violated each year.

Ross Ellis, Love Our Children USA founder and CEO said “we are thrilled that Alexandra agreed to help us. She is the perfect role model to America’s kids.”

The PSA can be found on Love Our Children USA’s web site as well as being aired on various networks, including the Countdown to Draft Day‚ on the Versus Network.

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