Sunday, April 15, 2007

EastEnders Elaine Lordan discusses baby tragedy

Elaine Lordan has spoken for the first time about the ‘terrible shock’ of her baby son’s early death.

The ex-EastEnders actress reveals the horror of losing one-year-old James – who had been born with a diaphragmatic hernia and spent the first six months of his life in intensive care – in her forthcoming autobiography, Whatever It Takes.

“He lay there looking perfectly peaceful, his eyes closed and his little face pink,” she recalls of the moment when a doctor told her that he had been unable to revive her son.

“I lifted his eyelids. Perhaps I hoped to see a flicker of life, even then. I held him in my arms and there was a little trickle of blood from his nose, which Pete [Manuel, her husband] wiped away.

“He was doing really well and it was a terrible shock when he died. He had his own wee personality. He taught us so much.”

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