Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Days' Ashley Benson talks new Bring it On sequel

Ashley Benson, best known for her role as Abbie on TVs Days of Our Lives, has signed to star in the third sequel to the Kristen Dunst/Eliza Dushku comedy “Bring it On”. She’s playing the captain of a cheerleading squad (like… duh).

This one, titled “Bring it On : In it to Win”, is based on a screenplay by Alison Flouse. Steve Rash (“Bring it On : All or Nothing”, “American Pie Presents : Band Camp”) will direct.

Apparently Ms Benson quit her secure TV gig for the movie. The actress says on an AOL blog (to think I go looking for this stuff), “These [Bring it On] movies have been very successful and I'm very excited about it. My dance training also helped me get the part. I had to start dancing again right away when I knew I was up for it.

“I haven't been dancing in years due to my acting schedule. I had high hopes I could do this one because we gave 5 weeks notice ahead of time. I have to film for 9 weeks. DOOL was not happy I would be gone 9 weeks and I asked if they could recast me until I came back that wasn't an option. I was very upset to hear this news. I decided I would have to give up the movie. The tables turned because i fell ill and I was also emotionally upset and the producer called and asked if I would like to do the movie and be out of my contract early! I was Happy and Sad at the same time but very happy to move on. I think they understood about my lack of storyline and my future goals as an Actress”.

No word on what this one’s about…. But I’m going to take a punt and say it’s about a group of teeny cheerleaders who suck in their tummys and give it their all…. So they can win the big championship. I’m also guessing there will be a cute boy to contend with for one of them. Maybe a smarmy adversary, too.

Jennfier Tisdale (“High School Musical”) will join Benson in the sequel.

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