Friday, April 6, 2007

Contract Time for some big name soap stars

Today's NY Daily News reports the following:

Thorsten Kaye is about to resign with All My Children.

Things don't look so good for One Life to Live's Trevor St. John (Todd), who reportedly asked for the moon, got it, and then turned around and asked for the stars, too. He had still not re-signed as of yesterday.

Ironically, St. John's predecessor in the role of Todd - Roger Howarth - also has a contract expiring at As the World Turns, where he plays Paul. Sources say Howarth has been asked to take a pay cut, which he is balking at, but stopped short of saying he would leave "ATWT" and return to the role he created (and won an Emmy for) at "OLTL."

"We don't comment on rumors or contracts," responded reps for both "OLTL" and "ATWT."

St. John's co-star Renee Elise Goldsberry (Evangeline) also reportedly asked for the stars, and was given a firm "no." She walked. Consequently, Evangeline will soon fall into a coma, reversible only if the actress changes her mind.

On the brighter side, Joshua Morrow (Nick) has signed a new, five-year deal with The Young and the Restless.


  1. I think OLTL would be much better off without TSJ and REG. Neither of them have ever impressed me as anything more that a couple of divas who expect everyone to worship the ground they act on.

    I'm thrilled that Josh is staying at Y&R. Hopefully they'll continue to work he and Michelle together since their on-screen chemistry is off the charts.

  2. I am absolutely THRILLED that Trevor St. John IS STAYING ON AS TODD on OLTL! As far as I am concerned, Trevor St. John IS One Life to Live!

    If Trevor St. John left, I would NEVER watch the show again!