Friday, April 6, 2007

Brenda Dickson back in jail for contempt

Former Y&R star Brenda Dickson was ordered back to jail yesterday for disrupting proceedings and refusing to comply with a court order that she leave a Los Angeles apartment that's at the center of a divorce.

Part-time Family Court District Judge Darryl Choy found Dickson in contempt of court and ordered Dickson to serve 10 days in jail for what he called reckless, disruptive behavior that included uttering an obscenity.

The tumultuous hearing included Dickson interrupting the proceedings numerous times with remarks as she sat at the counsel table.

Choy also found her in contempt for not leaving the apartment, as she promised she would, so that it could be sold as part of the divorce from her former husband, Honolulu attorney Jan Weinberg. The judge ordered her to remain in jail until she complies with the order.

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