Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Outraged & the Restless

The soap-opera Emmys are suddenly engulfed in a real soap opera full of TV industry intrigue after one of the daytime's reigning divas, Victoria Rowell, quit top-rated drama "The Young and the Restless," in part because she's furious over the new Emmy voting process.

Rowell insists that the "unfair" method used to choose nominees was "one of the chief catalysts" in her resignation. She denounces the process as "adolescent, so high school" because it calls for cast members of each series to decide among themselves who should be considered for the award.

Nominee selection is now a "popularity contest" that fosters a "gang mentality" that feeds on inner-cast "jealousy," Rowell says.

Who gets nominated comes down to "who's buying coffee for the cast, who's doing the political campaign throughout the year rather than who's doing the work on the stage," she says. "Actors on both coasts have tried to appeal this backward system of voting, but without success."

Rowell notes that she was the lead actress of the soap's main story line this past year. "Why was I left off the pre-nom list?" she asks. "I've won 11 NAACP Awards for acting in daytime TV, but I've never won an Emmy."

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