Sunday, April 15, 2007

ATWT Branson Summer Spoilers

The story line for the Branson setting will be exciting, Executive Producer Christopher Goutman said. It revolves around character Gwen Munson, who aspires to be a singer. Munson is played by Jennifer Landon, who is the daughter of the late actor Michael Landon. She joined the cast in 2005.

Currently in the show, another character, Cleo, is trying to cause trouble for Gwen and has become Gwen's look-alike.

In the story, Gwen comes to Branson to perform a benefit concert, Goutman said.

"She will sing live onstage, hopefully with another (Branson) artist," Goutman said. "But her look-alike has followed her here and will throw a big wrench into her plans. There will be a lot of suspense, action and mystery."

Filming is scheduled for June 6-8 with six actors and about 20 crew members. It's expected to air in July. The program is usually taped in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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