Wednesday, August 1, 2007

2005 Kensy Award Winners

2005 Kensy Award Winners

Best Lead Male Character … Abraham Archibald (Thicker Than Water)

Best Lead Female Character … Violet Nixon (Currents)

Best Supporting Male Character … Remy Ormand (Wonderland)

Best Supporting Female Character … Caroline Hart (Rockland County)

Best Villain … Quentin Michaels (Quiet Storm)

Best Plot … Subway Explosion (Scripts & Scruples)

Best Web Design … Thicker than Water

Best Series … Wonderland

Epiguide's Q&A with some of the nominees:
We had a chance to chat with producers Tom King (Wonderland), Roger Newcomb (Rockland County/Scripts and Scruples) and Karen Wallace (Currents) about their take on the 2005 Kensys. Here is what they had to say:

Q: First off, Tom, did you know that WON was up for noms in the Kensys?

Tom King: "I hadn't really heard much about the awards until the nominations were announced, and I was very surprised to find myself in the running! I definitely didn't know what to expect."

Q: What are your thoughts on Remy Ormand winning best supporting character? Were you surpised?

Tom: "I was very surprised to win that one. I feel like I've only just begun to really get into Remy's head and understand him better as his own person. It was great to see that rewarded. He's been one of my favorite characters to write for this season."

Q: Roger, your series took home two wins (Best Supporting Female Character and Best Plot), which win, might I ask, surprised you the most?

Roger Newcomb: "Of the two wins, one for Rockland County and one for Scripts & Scruples, I'm probably most surprised by the win for Caroline Hart of RC for Best Supporting Female. She has been the epitome of a good supporting character and I had/have high hopes for her, but since RC on premiered last year, I wasn't expecting any awards for the show or characters. But I'll take it. I love how the Kensy Awards came together and I'm looking forward to the next show."

Q: Karen, did you know about your nomination for a Kensy in the Best Lead Female Character category? How do you feel about the win?

Karen Wallace: I was notified that Currents had been nominated for Kensy Awards in several categories. That was months ago and while I kept an eye out for any announcements, I honestly didn't expect us to win any. There was some excellent competition, so it was a big surprise when Violet actually won for Best Female Lead. I don't write Violet… but
when I shared the news with her [writer], she was surprised as well.

I'm really pleased with the recognition. Marsha is a very talented writer and I've had the pleasure of seeing her develop over the past six years or so. Not only that, but I'm happy that the character of Violet was recognized over a few others that we have because sometimes I feel like certain characters & storylines are dominating Currents and to have a different lead honored than who might be expected by most readers is really a validation of the direction that I try to give the show."

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