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Exclusive Interview with Jaime Garrett of S&S

Originally published August 27, 2004.

Jaime Garrett debuted as Hannah Richards on SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES shortly after the show premiered in August 2003. She hails from Erie, Pennsylvania, and has turned Hannah into a fan favorite.

WeLoveSoaps: What has been your favorite Hannah Richards scene so far?
Jaime Garrett: Oh that's tough. I love seeing what she'll do next. But it would probably have to be the Rex and Hannah scene when he confided in her about his feelings for Perry. Up until that point she was really a party girl, at war with Mack, jealous of Raven and just all over the place. But this scene showed a softer side of Hannah, the side that's all about being there for the people she cares about and her dedication to her friends. I think that Hannah's most redeeming quality.

WLS: Are you excited about the Todd and Hannah pairing?
JG: I'm very excited about Tannah. Todd really believes in Hannah, he gives her confidence and really makes her feel special, which I think scares Hannah. I'm not sure any other man has made her feel that way and she's not used to it. She's trying to find her place in the world and in life, Todd seems to want to go along for the ride, no matter if its smooth sailing or filled with adventure. He wants her for her warts and all.

WLS: What do you have in common with Hannah?
JG: Hannah and I are both very passionate about what and who we care about. She may not always think before she leaps or opens her mouth, but its always out of love. Personally, I'm the happiest when the ones I care about are happy. I'm very selfless that way sometimes sacrificing what's best of me just to make some I care about happy. Hannah and I just go about it in different ways. She's more daring and adventurous than I am.

WLS: What do you like do you in your free time?
JG: What free time? I love to spend time with my friends and family. My day job is very time consuming so I like to fill my free time doing things with my boyfriend, friends and family. I love to be outside whether it's swimming, biking, talking a long walk, it doesn't matter. I'm also an avid reader and cook. I love cooking shows, cook books and experimenting in the kitchen...not always for the better!

WLS: Have you seen any good movies lately?
JG: I'm not much of a movie theater goer. I prefer to wait for the DVD. Typically I think I'm going to like a movie, buy it and then HATE it! The best movie I've seen recently was Shrek 2, having never seen Shrek 1! I'm a sucker for happy endings!

WLS: What kind of music do you like?
JG: I love country music, everything from Garth Brooks to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. But I also loved old time favorites like Billy Joel, Elton John, Jimmy Buffet and Neil Diamond. They don't all seem to go together, do they? Neil Diamond is probably my all-time favorite singer. He was also my very first concert.

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