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Alec Baldwin Joins the 'Knots Landing' Reunion on 'Home & Family' (Video)

Alec Baldwin made a surprise appearance during the Knots Landing reunion on Thursday.
To honor the 35th anniversary of Knots Landing, stars Michele Lee (Karen), Joan Van Ark (Val), Donna Mills (Abby), Ted Shackelford (Gary) and Kevin Dobson (Mack) joined Hallmark Channel's Home & Family for a reunion special on Thursday. Alec Baldwin (Joshua) made an appearance as well. Watch clips from the episode below:

PREVIEW: "Ewings Unite!" On DALLAS

Charlene Tilton, Joan Van Ark & Patrick Duffy - Photo: TNT
TNT's DALLAS continues its second season on Monday, March 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Joan Van Ark, Charlene Tilton and Ted Shackelford guest star.

In "Ewings Unite!," as Bobby, Christopher and John Ross get to work on J.R.'s masterpiece, J.R.'s will has lasting ramifications for the family legacy and Southfork. Pamela proves her loyalty to John Ross by giving him information against her father, and Christopher's relationship with Elena is tested when Christopher resorts to a tactic worthy of J.R.

Goodbye J.R.: Thoughts On DALLAS

Photo: Zade Rosenthal / TNT
The Ewing family, friends, a few enemies, and fans old and new said goodbye to J.R. last night in a poignant episode of DALLAS on TNT. The script, written by Cynthia Cidre, was excellent and you could feel the history without any flashbacks being used. I will probably watch the entire episode again at some point and notice many things I didn't pick up on at first viewing, but here are some things I really enjoyed most.

The special opening sequence created for Larry Hagman was perfect.

Ken Kercheval (Cliff), Steve Kanaly (Ray), Deborah Shelton (Mandy), Cathy Podewell (Cally), Charlene Tilton (Lucy) and Ted Shackelford (Gary) guest-starred and each one had some type of "moment" in the show, a big improvement over the blink-and-you-miss-it cameos by Ray and Lucy in Season 1. Gary and Ray were naturally conflicted over how to feel about their brother's death. Lucy was reflective and seemed to have at least some appreciation for her Uncle J.R.'s dirty dealings at this point in her live. Mandy and Cally reminded us of what a playboy J.R. was and that he was hard to get over. Surprisingly, the least satisfying of all these appearances was Cliff barging in. For some reason, Cliff had continued to be written as a one-note villain on the new DALLAS.


Photo: Skip Bolen / TNT
In a heartrending farewell episode on March 11 at 9 p.m. ET, TNT's DALLAS says goodbye to the legendary J.R. Ewing, who, after a lifetime of scheming and dealing, has finally met his end.

Ken Kercheval, Steve Kanaly, Deborah Shelton, Cathy Podewell, Charlene Tilton and Ted Shackelford guest star.  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also make appearances.

In "J.R.'s Masterpiece," the Ewing family reels at hearing the news about J.R.'s death and is even more shocked to learn the cause. Striving to set aside their differences, J.R.'s family comes together to mourn his passing, accompanied by many characters from his past. But their tears are soon overpowered by a shocking revelation worthy of one of televisions most iconic characters. In life – and now in death – nothing is ever as it seems when it comes to J.R. Ewing.

DALLAS will air a special opening sequence in the episode as a tribute to Larry Hagman.

Check out more photos and watch a sneak peek video below:

Ted Shackelford & Joan Van Ark Set To Appear In DALLAS

Charlene Tilton, Joan Van Ark & Ted Shackelford
Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark are bringing their KNOTS LANDING and DALLAS characters, Gary and Valene Ewing, to TNT's DALLAS for a big family reunion set to air in Spring 2013.

According to TV Guide Magazine, Shackelford (currently starring in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) and Van Ark (winner of an Indie Soap Award earlier this year for her work in PRETTY) will be on for a three-episode arc. No word if their all-grown-up twins, Bobby and Betsy, will be joining them.