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Maurice Benard on 'First Take' with Stephen A. Smith (Video)

General Hospital star Maurice Benard was a guest on Monday's episode of First Take on ESPN, a surprise for co-host Stephen A. Smith, who is a huge fan of the soap. Watch the segment below:

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Given GENERAL HOSPITAL T-Shirt During FIRST TAKE (Video)

ESPN's Skip Bayless gave his FIRST TAKE co-host Stephen A. Smith a belated Christmas gift earlier this week. It was an "I Love GENERAL HOSPITAL" t-shirt which thrilled Smith, a big fan of the show. Smith made a cameo on GH in 2007 but says he would like to come back and play a bad guy.

"I want to be one of Sonny's henchmen," Smith said. "I don't want to be a good guy. I want to be kind of a bad guy. I really, really do."

Watch the segment below:

Stephen A. Smith on Who GENERAL HOSPITAL's Patrick Should Chose: "Robin!" (Video)

Arsenio Hall set up a shot clock this week and challenged ESPN columnist and radio host Stephen A. Smith to sound off on topics like Richie Incognito, Lamar Odom, Kerry Washington and GENERAL HOSPITAL's Patrck/Robin/Sabrina storyline in 24 seconds. When asked who Patrick should be with on GH, Smith immediately said, "Robin!"

Check out Smith's reasoning in the video below (starts at 2:56):