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Watch GENERAL HOSPITAL Ring The NYSE Opening Bell (Photos Added)

On Monday, April 1 at 9:30 a.m. ET, Executive Producer Frank Valentini, Head Writer Ron Carlivati, and cast members Anthony Geary, Genie Francis, Kin Shriner, Jason Thompson, Kelly Monaco and Finola Hughes of ABC’s GENERAL HOSPITAL will visit the New York Stock Exchange and ring The Opening Bell to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Emmy-award winning show.

GENERAL HOSPITAL premiered on April 1, 1963.

Watch the opening bell ringing below:

The Lynn Herring Interview, Part Three

In Part Three of my interview with Lynn Herring, the actress discusses her latest role as Audrey on AS THE WORLD TURNS, reflects on changes behind the scenes at daytime, and explains how she came to ring the NYSE bell.

We Love Soaps: You're currently in New York and getting to portray Audrey on AS THE WORLD TURNS. What is your take on the character?
Lynn Herring: She’s way over the top. She’s definitely a grifter and out for herself. In some ways it’s close to Lucy [her character on GH] at the beginning. Audrey is older obviously, and a lot more seasoned and been around the block many more times and had to survive. She’s interesting because at some point she’s more of a sociopath. I don’t think she’s really capable of deep feelings for other people. I think toward the end of this Henry has grown on her. But she did abandon her family and that to me is a tricky character to play. She’s only likable to a point, so giving her some zaniness helps. But she’s a really self-serving woman.

We Love Soaps: And she sounds very different from Lucy. I don’t think Lucy was ever malicious.
Lynn Herring: No, and that’s exactly the difference. I think Lucy would do anything to survive but not at the cost of other people. Maybe initially when she started, but she grew. Audrey is already grown up and she has done a lot of hurt.