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NEWS ROUNDUP: Keiko Elizabeth Comes To DAYS, Michelle Dockery, Paul Anthony Stewart, Brady Bunch

Keiko Elizabeth Suda will make her first television appearance on DAYS OF OUR LIVES on August 15.
She's excited about her first television appearance–which she isn't allowed to talk much about–but said her late entry into acting means her entire life doesn't hinge on it.

"When you do something since you were young, a lot of your ego gets attached to what people think of your work," she said. "[When you] do something for a long period of time you lose your curiosity about it. [I've been] engaging in the process of getting better because my ego wasn't so wrapped up in it."

DOWNTON ABBEY a soap opera? Lady Mary doesn't mind
"That will-they, won't-they tussle was going on for so long, it didn't surprise me that fans wanted to know what would happen," actress Michelle Dockery told "It wasn't an easy ride for them, so at the end of (season) two, it was nice to hear that people were jumping up and down for them. I did wonder if (show creator) Julian (Fellowes) would string that out even more, that Matthew would be her biggest regret, so I was really pleased. It feels right."