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THE BAY Director's Cut Released In Memory of David Pregerson (1990-2013)

THE BAY has released a "Director's Cut" featuring the best of its recent webisodes. The new Chapter 11 edit is dedicated to the memory of David Pregerson, one of the head camera operators on THE BAY and star Kristos Andrews' childhood best friend. Pregerson was a victim of a hit-and-run in the early morning hours of Friday, December 27, and passed away from his injuries on New Year's Eve. Local law enforcement officials are seeking the public’s help to find the hit-and-run driver.

THE BAY cast includes Mary Beth Evans, Tristan Rogers, Matthew Ashford, Kristos Andrews, Lilly Melgar, Nicolas Coster, Jacklyn Zeman, Terri Ivens, Scott Bailey, Jade Harlow (who makes her DAYS OF OUR LIVES debut next week), Taylor Stanley, Derrell Whitt and Erik Fellows.

The best of chapter 11 is presented in an 18 minute episode by director Gregori J. Martin. Watch below:

Janice and Peter Heat Up The Latest Webisode of THE BAY (Video)

Lilly Melgar as Janice and Kristos Andrews as Peter.
On this week's episode of THE BAY, Bay City vixen Janice Ramos (Lilly Melgar) and the handsome young Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) deal with the aftermath of their sexual rendezvous. How will Pete's mother, Sara (Mary Beth Evans), feel about this?  Janice's daughter, Lianna (Jade Harlow), attempts to vent as the ominous Steve Jensen (Matthews Ashford) gives Orchid (Terri Ivens) a warning.

Meanwhile, Sofia Madison (Jacklyn Zeman) is perplexed by her daughter Tandi Jo's (Emmie Romanovich) relationship with Igor Chambers (Camden Toy) and her husband Jack's (Nicolas) mysterious 3 a.m. phone calls.  Are the streets of Bay City going to be safe if Lex (Tristan Rogers) and Will (Derrell Whitt) let Igor go?

Watch the latest installment from Chapter 11 of THE BAY below:

THE BAY Returns Edgy, Sexier and More Scandalous Than Ever

Nicolas Coster and Jackie Zeman star in THE BAY
Gregori J. Martin's Emmy-nominated and Indie Series Award-winning THE BAY returned today with two brand new installments that move the series three years into the future. Sara has done the unthinkable making Lex determined to uncover the truth. Peter's love life takes a complicated turn, as does a confused Lianna. Steve has little choice but to deal with pesky reporter Nathan, while Mayor Jack is left to do some serious explaining. Igor attempts to deal with Sofia's wrath and his shady reputation.

Edgy, sexier and more scandalous than ever before, the series delves deeper into forbidden love, taboo sex, and riveting political scandals. The much anticipated new chapter includes returning favorites Mary Beth Evans (Sara Garrett), Tristan Rogers (Comm. Lex Martin), Kristos Andrews (Peter Garrett), Matthew Ashford (Steve Jensen), Nicolas Coster (Mayor Jack Madison), Jackie Zeman (Sofia Madison), Lilly Melgar (Janice Ramos), Camden Toy (Igor), Derrell Whitt (Will Campbell) and Lianna Ramos (Jade Harlow).

Watch the new installments of THE BAY below:

THE BAY The Series Shoots TV Pilot

Mary Beth Evans, Kristos Andrews and Lilly Melgar in THE BAY.
Emmy-nominated and Indie Soap Award-winning THE BAY The Series is back! Creator Gregori J. Martin tells We Love Soaps the show just wrapped production on a one-hour pilot that Associated Television International (ATI) will be shopping to cable TV networks.

There were some exciting changes this time around that should help make the show hotter than ever.

THE BAY Cast Does The Harlem Shake

THE BAY's Mary Beth Evans, Matthew Ashford, Nicolas Coster, Jacklyn Zeman, Kristos Andrews and more do the Harlem Shake in a new promo video shot in Marina Del Rey on Coster's boat. Bay City residents ‘shake’ things up as production gets in gear for the new episodes of THE BAY. Check out the video below:

WATCH:THE BAY Celebrates 2 Years With A Top 10 Countdown (10-6 Revealed)

THE BAY is celebrating two years on the air with a countdown of the Top 10 moments in the show's history. Hosted by stars Mary Beth Evans, Kristos Andrews and Dylan Bruce, watch moments 10 through 6 below:

On The DARKSIDE: Catch Up On THE BAY's Summer Special

THE BAY's summer special, DARKSIDE OF THE BAY, continues today with a new webisode. While Lianna (Jade Harlow) and Will (Derrell Whitt) contemplate their next step, Manny (Ignacio Serricchio) encourages Marly (Martha Madison) and Zoey (Taylor Stanley) deals with her story-hungry colleague, Nathan Perkins (SCOTT BAILEY).

Meanwhile, Tamara (Celeste Fianna) witnesses the unthinkable when bad guys Kudjo and Antongo bat crazy on Peter (Kristos Andrews), all while an enraged Chase Walker (Brian Gaskill) makes a startling discovery.

Catch up with the latest two installments of DARK SIDE OF THE BAY below:

DARKSIDE OF THE BAY Premieres Today; Summer Special Stars THE BAY's Kristos Andrews, Jade Harlow, Martha Madison, Ignacio Serrichio, Taylor Stanley & Derrell Whitt

Derrell Whitt stars as Will Campbell
DARKSIDE OF THE BAY, the special five-part summer spin-off of Emmy-nominated THE BAY, premieres Thursday, August 9th at 3:15 p.m. ET. Revolving around THE BAY’s Generation Y, it's a life or death situation when the younger residents of Bay City dare venture into the wrong side of town. Featuring THE BAY’s Kristos Andrews (Peter Garrett), Jade Harlow (Lianna Ramos), Martha Madison (Marly Nelson-Foster), Ignacio Serrichio (Manny Ramos), Taylor Stanley (Zoey Johnson) and Derrell Whitt (Will Campbell).

When Lianna, in her quest for another fix, stumbles into a situation too hot to handle, Will comes to her rescue, putting his own life in jeopardy in the process. As he searches for his missing mother and brother, Peter faces those intent on serving their own brand of justice. Zoey dares to face the unthinkable after summoning Marly and Manny’s help. In the aftermath of all the chaos, Manny attempts to pick up the pieces of Marly’s shattered heart.

RED CARPET INTERVIEW: Gregori J. Martin, Derrell Whitt & Kristos Andrews at the 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Awards

WE LOVE SOAPS TV caught up with the nominated producers of THE BAY Gregori J. Martin, Derrell Whitt and Kristos Andrews on the red carpet at the 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Awards. They talk about the differences between indie programming and show's from big studios and more.

Watch our interview below in WE LOVE SOAPS TV Episode 3.64.

WATCH: THE BAY's Chapter 9 Begins; John Reilly Debuts

Dark and spooky Chapter 9 of THE BAY began on Thursday with John Reilly (GENERAL HOSPITAL; PASSIONS) debuting as the Garrett’s sage butler, Mortimer. Michael Swan (AS THE WORLD TURNS) returns as the irate hotel manager Buck Stanton and Fiona Hutchison (GUIDING LIGHT; ONE LIFE TO LIVE) as the sultry and determined Emma Cambridge.

Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) sees a ghost from her past as Steve Jensen (Matthew Ashford) pays an unexpected visit to the Garrett estate. Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) is determined to warn his brother Brian (Dylan Bruce) though he may be too late!

Watch the latest webisode of THE BAY below:

WE LOVE SOAPS TV 3.29 The Southside Cast at New York Industry Screening

WE LOVE SOAPS TV recently attended an industry screening of a new film from THE BAY's Gregori J. Martin (LANYfilms in association with New Universe Pictures), The Southside, based on a true story.

Robert Areizaga Jr. was born and raised in Yonkers, NY. After struggling through a series of trials and tribulations commonly faced by urban youth, Robert realized he needed to change his life and decided to take the Yonkers Civil Service Police Exam. Shortly after he learned he had passed the exam, 19-year-old Robert was brutally stabbed to death at a house party in White Plains, NY. A life filled with promise was cut short, and over a year after his murder, no conviction has been made.

An emotional Martin, first cousin to Areizaga Jr., revealed to Damon L. Jacobs the details of how the film came to be on the red carpet.

In addition to Martin, other cast and crew featured in this episode include Kristos Andrews (THE BAY), Derrell Whitt (THE BAY), Anthony Aquilino, Dalia Davi, Fiona Hutchison (GUIDING LIGHT; ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Bronson Picket (AS THE WORLD TURNS; ANOTHER WORLD), Ellen Dolan (EMPIRE; AS THE WORLD TURNS), Dante Aleksander and Cuban Link.

Watch our latest episode below.