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Sudsy Soaps In Next Magazine; Indie Soap Awards Nominees & Presenters Weigh In On Gay Storylines

In support of the 3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards on February 21, New York's Next Magazine asked some of the people involved about "gay moments in soap history."

Colleen Zenk, who will be presenting an award, talked about daytime drama's first out gay man, AS THE WORLD TURNS' Hank Elliot: "The wonderful thing about how the story was written, by the late, great Douglas Marland, was that the character was integrated into the fabric of the show before he revealed that he was gay. I was very proud to have been a part of this [historic] storyline."

Find out what EMPIRE's Greg Turner (ISA Winner), HUSTLING's Sebastian La Cause (Lead Actor nominee this year) and GREGORY WAY TV's Andrew Espinoza Long (Supporting Actor, Writing and Directing nominee this year) had to say at

The telecast will air exclusively on The SFN on March 18 at 9 p.m. ET.

National Gay Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce Partners With Indie Soap Awards

As organizers of The 3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards, We Love Soaps TV is honored to announce our Community Partnership with The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, New York Chapter (NGLCCNY).  NGLCCNY is committed to forming a broad-based coalition representative of the various interests of LGBT owned and friendly businesses, professionals, and students of business for the purpose of promoting economic growth and prosperity of its members.

We spoke with Richard Oceguera, President of the respected organization, about the cultural impact of the Indie Soap Awards in the New York LGBT community.  "NGLCCNY is proud to support the talented artists who are creating this exciting new wave of video content," he said. "That many of the nominees are LGBT is a testament to the massive creative and business genius that our community has to offer!"

While daytime television has wavered in its commitment to accurately and respectfully representing the lives of gay/lesbian individuals, Indie Soaps have always portrayed members of this community with complexity, depth, and resilience.  This year's nominees such as ANACOSTIA, ANYONE BUT ME, EMPIRE, GREGORY WAY TV, HUSBANDS, HUSTLING, OUT WITH DAD, PRETTY, and VENICE, all prominently feature LGBT characters with real strengths and flaws.  They are part of the very fabric of their shows, not trounced out for a "special episode."

Such diverse and rich portrayals help to transform lives, empower viewers, and validate a sense of universal experience.  Similarly, NGLCCNY offers opportunities for New Yorkers who wish to succeed in business, improve connections, and empower their personal and professional communities.  We are grateful to Mr. Oceguera for recognizing this commitment in the Indie Soap Awards, and look forward to seeing all of you there!

Click here for a complete list of nominees for the Third Annual Indie Soap Awards.

If you would like to support the LGBT artists who are being recognized and celebrated, and be in the audience for this live event (to be filmed and broadcasted for The SFN) then register to come to the Indie Soap Award show and party in Manhattan, at New World Stages, on February 21st, 2012. For only $69.99 you can come view the ceremony, meet your favorite stars, and enjoy the open wine and beer bar!  

Register: $69.99. Click the "Add to Cart" button below. You will be prompted for the number of people in your party and method of payment.

Super Bowl XLVI Predictions

It's Super Bowl Sunday and the streets of New York City are already hopping. There is a lot of Giants love in the air here although a Patriots bar is located just around the corner from We Love Soaps headquarters! We asked some of our recent interview subjects and friends to predict who they think will win the game. Check out their responses below and add your own in our Comments section:

Bryan Dattilo (DAYS OF OUR LIVES): I like the Pats this year, I think the Giants ruined their perfect streak a few years ago& and the Patriots have never forgotten that. They have something to prove and I think they're going to do it.

Randy Wayne (THE LYING GAME): Yes, I’m a big fan [of Tim Tebow]. I know that [Tom] Brady’s hot, but I’m going to have to say the Giants 28-23. I think they look unstoppable right now.