CLASSIC CLIP: Michael Forest in AS THE WORLD TURNS (January 1980)

Actor Michael Forest is celebrating his 84th birthday today. His seven decade career includes soap opera stints as Nick Andropoulos in AS THE WORLD TURNS and Jim Davis in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Check out a rare clip of his AS THE WORLD TURNS introduction in January 1980 below with the legendary Eileen Fulton playing Lisa Colman. Nick and Lisa had a fun chemistry, but Nick eventually married Kim Stewart.


  1. Nice clip! That's from around the time I started watching the show.

  2. Awesome - those were fun days!

  3. OH! Lisa's bookstore! Wasn't it Wade's? She had that bookstore since the ' it!

  4. The bookstore burns a few days later.

  5. Happy Birthday To Michael Forrest--Yay!

    On ATWT, Wade's Bookstore was named in honor of the late Neil Wade (Michael Lipton/1925-2012), the late 2nd husband of Penny Hughes (Rosemary Prinz/1930).

    Brian :-)


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