THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Classic Photo Of The Day (1974)

In honor of the upcoming 40th anniversary of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (YR40), We Love Soaps will be posting a "Classic Photo of the Day" for the rest of the month. Today's photo was taken in November 1974 and features three of Y&R's original cast members--Deidre Hall, Tom Selleck and Jaime Lyn Bauer. Can you name their characters?


  1. Deidre played Barbara Anderson, Tom SELLECK (pictured here) played Jed Sanders, and Jaime played Lorie Brooks.

    (Tom Hallick played Brad Elliot.)

  2. Um, you want to double check the middle name?

  3. I wish Lorie would come back for the 40th anniversary.

  4. I wish the original Brooks daughters would all come back. I loved Trish Stewart as Chris and the actresses played Lori, Peg & Leslie. Whatever happened to them?

  5. @Dan - Slight correction as Tom Selleck played Lorie's book publisher/lover named "Jed Andrews" (not Sanders).

    "Jed Sanders" came some twenty years later in the mid-90s and was played by Josh Taylor. His "Jed" was a contractor who was briefly involved with Jill.


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