Genie Francis has been fired from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, according to a report by Soaps in Depth. Francis debuted on Y&R as Genevieve Atkinson in May 2011. Francis was apparently let go for budgetary reasons and may not be the last to go.

In an August interview with TV Guide Magazine after taking over as executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps addressed rumors that Francis would be one of the first to go.

"Genie and I had a wonderful talk when I came to Y&R," Phelps said, "and I think we're really quite fond of each other. She's a magnificent actress."

Former Y&R executive producer and head writer Maria Bell created the character of Genevieve for Francis.

"She spoke about how she was tired of sort of playing a victim and playing that character where things happen to them where they don't really make things happen," Bell said in an interview. "I wanted to create a character that really was much more a mover and a shaker."

GENERAL HOSPITAL executive producer Frank Valentini was asked during this summer's Television Critics Association (TCA) panel about Francis possibly returning to that soap as her iconic character, Laura Spencer.

"There is a rich history that GENERAL HOSPITAL has," Valentini said, "and there are many wonderful characters on the show right now, in addition to some people that we are interested in bringing back. At this point, unfortunately, contracts forbid us from even discussing that. So, I’ll just say we are a big fan of Genie’s and we wish her all the best, but I think we are pretty solid right now.:

What do you think of the news? Are you sad to see Francis leave Y&R?  Would like to see her return to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Laura?

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  1. I'm not surprised. I was just beginning to like Genevieve but don't think she was needed at Y&R.

  2. U can say goodbye to Y&R!! JFP is the grim reaper of the Soap Opera! AMC & GL r proof! The minute she was hired Fans of Genie Francis knew she would b one of the first to go! Genie's last ep on Y&R will b my last as well. Seems to me that if u worked on GH in the pass & u r on contract @ YR u r gone! Stephen Nichols would want to b watching his back for the knives! Daniel Goddard may b another victim! His family has now gone...nothing left for him afterall Lily, Gen & Colin r gone

  3. Hope GH can find room for her! Luke & Laura, Anna & Duke, Mac & Felicia - and a 50th anniversary - quite a 2013!

  4. JFP strikes again! Genie and Kin are needed at GH. I think it would cool if Laura showed up with Scotty's child and no one knew.

  5. send Stephen back to Days, he was originally to replace Bo. Patch will fill the void.

  6. This sucks...why is maria bell gone..if there is a housecleaning its because they want to kill off another scripted show

  7. This sucks...why is maria bell gone..if there is a housecleaning its because they want to kill off another scripted show

  8. Grr, Genie deserves better. Her character moved from one relationship to another ... the classic Y&R newbie without a direction. Hope Genie turns up somewhere on our screen quickly.

  9. WLS didn't get the most up to date Frank Valentini quote in regards to Genie Francis.

    This is what he stated in an interview that came out last Friday over at TV Buzz on MSN:

    The Young and the Restless" recently went through a regime change. If there's a housecleaning over there, would you be open to bringing back Genie Francis as Laura Spencer?

    Valentini: Absolutely.

  10. Sadly, most of the Maria Bell Characters/Recasts have not work due to the poor writing. Y&R can't continued to support every out of work Daytime Actor whose was popular on another soap and give them a role that doesn't work. Any other new producer would have axed Genie Francis as well. I would not be surprised to see more daytime legends that move to Y&R be axed.

  11. Thank God, she doesn't fit on Y&R and her acting abilities didn't impress me. It was because of how she was introduced and her over-the-top, chewing scenery was painful to watch. She needs go back to ABC where she is loved because CBS fan doesn't have the loyalty to her. Give me JESS WALTON back and clean the house of the leftover ABC actors they are not welcome for me on my CBS soap.

  12. No great loss but speaks of great problems at Y&R. Hopefully new leadership will get it sorted out.

    Hope that GH could fit her in to an already large cast, seeing as how absolutely no one died from that darn pathogen!

  13. The lesson here (imho) is don't create a new character just because you happened to be watching Oprah! one day and heard an actress talk about what she wants to play. Create a character because you have a clearly-deliniated conceptualiztion of how they're going to fit into the existing canvas and at least a planned direction of where you're going to take him/her after the first, big, melodramatic spin. Good luck, but ITA with harlee490.

  14. Uh-Huh!

    JFP's hatred of women on soaps she works on lives on--Again!

    Brian :-(

  15. Don't be holding your breath for the return of Jess Walton. She inked a contract when MAB was still running the show but JFP has nixed it. There is now no original character from the beginning of this show.

  16. I do not see this change (Genevieve's charactor leaving) as something that will hurt Y& R ...but Jess Walton needs to come back..her character is missed by many. The reason I have watched Y&R since the 70"s is because most of their actors can act ..unlike most soap's. Change is hard but at times a necessity especially when many soap operas are being canceled. Good luck JFP

  17. This was not her fault. When she first come on she did intend to overact but settled down and then when it looked like the writers were going to give her a story bam they pulled it or it changed.. this was on the writers and letting debbi morgan go is just plain silly.. I admit she acted hand and feet above those around her but they could have given her a great storyline and im guessing the one hinted about by sarge is never gonna happen.. I am liking that they are finally using Jessica Collins more. Shes grade a talent in all forms

  18. What is wrong with the Young and the Restless?First Maura West, great actress and now Genie Frances,they let go and keep the worst actors in the world on that show.I hope the show sinks.


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