50 Greatest Soap Couples: Let The Countdown Begin!

In the spirit of our landmark 2010 50 Greatest Soap Opera Actors and 50 Greatest Soap Opera Actresses countdowns, We Love Soaps has carefully constructed a list of the greatest daytime soap opera super couples of all time and the countdown begins today!

Our goals:
- Celebrate the romance and adventure of our favorite soaps!
- Create a list that is fair, nuanced and comprehensive - and definitive!
- Include "classic" couples and avoid a chronological bias, where we can!
- Remind fans about past favorites and get the soap community talking about love!
- Have fun talking about the most exciting, fascinating, and heartwarming daytime moments of the past and present!

The list was compiled by the We Love Soaps family of contributors as well as some of most respected and knowledgeable friends in the industry including Jonathan Reiner, Connie Passalacqua Hayman (Marlena De Lacroix), Patrick Erwin, Lynn Liccardo and Nelson Aspen.  We've also been taking reader submissions and have received several thousand suggestions, many with passionate explanations as to how certain couples  made an impact.

So today we begin counting down the Top 50 Soap Couples of All-Time.  As we do, please weigh in with your own thoughts.  We want the next few weeks to be a wonderful and informative discussion of soap history and your input is invaluable.


  1. My Top 10:
    1. Steve&Alice(AW)
    2. Luke&Laura(GH)
    3. Josh&Reva(GL)
    4. Bo&Hope(Days)
    5. Jenny&Greg(AMC)
    6. Jake&Megan(OLTL)
    7. Nikolas&Emily(GH)
    8. Victor&Nikki
    9. John&Natalie(OLTL)
    10 Sonny&Kate only with Megan Ward(GH)

  2. What time each day are you planning on posting these, mornings or afternoons? And how many, I'm curious.

  3. In no particular order:

    Jack and Mary (RH)
    Frank and Jill (RH)

    Alex and Ava (LOV) (I know they have no prayer of making this list, but they are one of my all-time favorites)

    Erica and Dimitri (AMC)
    Edmund and Maria (AMC)
    Nico and Cecily (AMC)
    Tad and Dixie (AMC)
    Hayley and Mateo (AMC)
    Jenny and Greg (AMC)
    Cliff and Nina (AMC)

    Andy and Antonio (OLTL)
    Jessica and Brody (OLTL) (I know the Tess/Jess and Nash pairing is the more popular one, but I adored them)
    Bo and Nora (OLTL)

    Frisco and Felicia (GH)
    Luke and Laura (GH)
    Duke and Anna (GH)
    Robert and Holly (GH)

    John and Marlena(DAYS)

    Cruz and Eden (SB)

    Billy and Vanessa (GL)
    Quint and Nola (GL)

    Cane and Lily (Y&R)
    Billy and Victoria (Y&R)

  4. This is fun! Thanks for putting this together.

    Is it too much to ask -- and too late -- that you include a little section showing the years these couples' stories were being told on their shows? I'm not asking for precise dates. Just in the ball park.

    This would better help put the couples in context with their shows in specific and with the eras in which they appeared in general.

  5. Unknown, just added! Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Some of my favorites that I hope make the list!!
    Lila and Edward (GH)
    Monica and Alan (GH)
    Maxie and Spinelli (GH)
    Phoebe and Rick (B&B)
    Thorne and Darla (B&B)
    Eric and Stephanie (B&B)
    Steffy and Marcus (B&B)
    Bo and Hope (Days)

    So fun that Frisco and Felicia made the list!! They were an epic couple that had angst, drama, AND fun adventures

  7. Unknown here again (Unknown. . . The story of my life! ;-D I thought I had logged in, but no big whoop. As long as my "voice" is "heard". . .).

    When I arrived this morning to get my daily dose of WLS, one of the first things I noticed was the addition of the YEARS section for each couple. Thank you! That was quick and easy -- at least it was for me.

    I also noticed that you were rather specific with Frisco and Felicia, breaking down the periods of years in which the characters actually appeared on the show as a couple, not a general overview, like, "1984-1995." That's what I wanted but thought it too much to ask. I mean, boogers can't be choosers.

    Y'all's knowledge of and commitment to soap operas -- past, present, and future -- and their fans is impressive and appreciated. I'm looking forward to future entries in this countdown. Again, thank you.

  8. Eden and Cruz from Santa Barbara the greatest love story ever
    Mason and Julia from Santa Barbara was good as well

  9. 1.jason and sam-gh
    2.luke and laura-gh
    4.ej and sami-days
    3.sonny and brenda-gh
    5.todd and balir-oltl

  10. 1.jason and sam-gh
    2.luke and laura-gh
    4.ej and sami-days
    3.sonny and brenda-gh
    5.todd and balir-oltl

  11. Wonderful Countdown! Here is our 2 cents!
    1. Greg & Jenny
    2. Tad & Dixie
    3. Cliff & Nina
    4. Hayley & Mateo
    5. Noah & Julia
    7. Jeremy & Erika
    8 Adam & Brooke

    1. Jake & Vicky
    2. Cass & Lila
    3. Mac & Rachel
    4. Ryan & Vicky
    5. Cass & Frankie

    1. Holden & Lily
    2. Jack & Carly
    3. Luke & Noah

    1. Ridge & Brooke

    1. Steve & Kayla
    2. Bo & Hope
    3. Jack & Jennifer
    4. Austin & Carrie
    5. Roman & Marlena

    1. Luke & Laura
    2. Sonny & Brenda
    3. Robert & Anna
    4. Stone & Robin
    5. Frisco & Felicia
    6. Ned & Lois
    7. Jagger & Karen
    8. Lucky & Liz
    9. Sonny & Carly
    10. Scotty & Dominique

    1. Shane & Reva

    1. Trucker & Tricia
    2. Alex & Ava

    1. Max & Gabrielle
    2. Jake & Megan
    3. Cord & Tina
    4. Clint & Viki
    5. Bo & Sara
    6. Bo & Nora

    1. Cruz & Eden
    2. Mason & Julia
    3. Joe & Kelly
    4. Lionel & Augusta
    5. Ted & Laken
    6. Warren & B.J.
    7. C.C. & Sophia

    1. Danny & Cricket

    1. Lee & Sara
    2. Brian & Zoey

  12. Josh & Reva (GL)
    Luke & Laura (GH)
    John & Marlena (DOOL)
    Steve & Kayla (DOOL)
    Todd & Blair (OLTL)
    Bo & Hope (DOOL)
    Roman & Marlena (DOOL)
    Doug & Julie (DOOL)
    Clint & Vicki (OLTL)
    Bo & Nora (OLTL)

  13. My Top 5 would be 5- Robert&Anna GH
    4- Danny&Cricket Y&R
    3- Frisco&Felicia GH
    2- Jack&Jennifer DOOL
    1- Todd&Blair OLTL&GH

  14. 1-todd and blair OLTL&GH
    2-luke and laura GH
    3-frisco and felicia GH
    4-jack and jennifer DOOL
    5-nicki and victor Y&R

  15. Are u kidding me Todd and Blair are not even considered in the Top 50 really?? That countdown is so wrong and misguided....

  16. Bruce and Van LOL
    Mike and Sarah EON
    Mike and Nancy EON
    Jo and Arthur SFT
    Jo and Sam SFT

  17. Here's my opinion:

    1.Jason and Sam
    2.Luke and Laura
    3.Sonny and Brenda
    4.Lucky and Liz
    5.Robert and Anna
    6.Stone and Robin
    7.Spinelli and Maxie
    8.Frisco and Felicia
    9.Jax and Carly
    10.Alan and Monica
    11.Patrick and Robin
    12.Nikolas and Emily
    13.Robert and Holly
    14.Duke and Anna
    15.Sonny and Carly
    16.Jax and Brenda

    1.Jessie and Angie
    2.Leo and Greenlee
    3.Tad and Dixie
    4.Bianca and Maggie
    5.Greg and Jenny
    6.JR and Babe
    7.Edmund and Maria
    8.Cliff and Nina

    1.Bo and Nora
    2.Todd and Blair
    3.Clint and Vicki
    4.John and Natalie
    5.Cord and Tina
    6.Victor and Tea

    1.Bo and Hope
    2.Doug and Julie
    3.John and Marlena
    4.Ej and Sami
    5.Steve and Kayla
    6.Will and Sonny
    7.Jack and Jennifer
    8.Shane and Kim
    9.Lucas and Sami
    10.Shawn and Belle
    11.Roman and Marlena

    1.Jack and Carly
    2.Luke and Noah
    3.Holden and Lily
    4.Tom and Margo

    1.Victor and Nikki
    2.Nick and Sharon

    1.Ridge and Brooke

    1.Josh and Reva
    2.Roger and Holly