Will's First Kiss On DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Intense

Will shared his first kiss on DAYS OF OUR LIVES today and it was a drunken, sexually-charged liplock that was beyond what most of our Twitter followers were expecting (and me too!). Chandler Massey continues to shine in Will's coming out storyline.

Watch a clip of the kiss below. And if you missed it, you can watch the entire episode later on SOAPnet or online.

Once you watch, let us know what you thought. Worth the wait?


  1. DAAAAAANG! I guess Will's got some pent-up energy. Will be interesting to see what the fan reaction is.

  2. Rather lusty, sloppy, reflecting Will's pent-up frustration and current level of intoxication. And decidedly physical, downright aggressive, reflecting what kissing between two young guys that age is often like the first time. So thumbs up for realism.

  3. DAYS did a believable and therefor good job here. I love the look on Sonny's face in the end. xD

  4. This was worth the wait! Nice going DAYS and kudos to Chandler Massey!

  5. I used to watch Days faithfully until John and Marlena were written out and I have watched it sporadically since the reboot, keeping up with it online and in Soap Opera Weekly. I knew this was coming but WOW. For me, Days had some serious making up to do for the last several years and this might just be the storyline to do it. It's a tough, relevant issue and Chandler Massey is fantastic. Time to go set the DVR!


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