Darnell Williams Joins THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Cast

Emmy winner Darnell Williams has joined the cast of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, according to He now joins his longtime ALL MY CHILDREN co-star, Debbi Morgan, on the No. 1 rated daytime soap. Their AMC pairing as Jesse and Angie Hubbard was one of the most popular in daytime history.

The good news is that the daytime genre needs talented actors of color on the canvas to add diversity that is seriously lacking, and sadly going in the wrong direction.

The bad news is that Y&R, probably more than any other daytime soap, continues the trend of being more obsessed with casting actors than actually writing interesting stories that make fans of the show want to keep watching.

Could this move inspired AMC fans to tune in? Possibly, and this definitely is a special case where a couple (Jesse and Angie) had an huge, loyal following. But the success of popular acting duos reuniting on another soap has been very hit or miss over the years so it is certainly not a given this will help the ratings. Y&R fans may worry it is more airtime being taken away from some of their longtime favorites already not featured enough.

So what do you think Y&R faithful? Is this a good move for the show?


  1. I can't think of a case where a supercouple from one show joined another as new characters and had the same success. If Williams is going to be a recast Malcolm, it could work. He's a lot older than the last two actors but Y&R plays fast and loose with age anyway.

  2. If the plan is to somehow have the actor be paired with or interact with Debbi Morgan's Harmony, then it's possible Williams could be playing Ana Hamilton's (unknown) father. As stated, he's far too old to play Malcolm, and they really need to let that characer rest for awhile since the last misfire.

  3. I don't think DW should play Malcolm because Malcolm has always been Neil's Younger Brother. As bad a turn as this show has taken over the years, making DW Malcolm would be ridiculous, even for Y&R. The bottom line is that although I think DW is a terrific actor and this casting has definitely piqued my curiosity, to me, it is about how his presence will contribute to the long-term health of the show. Once TPTB lure AMC stalwarts and lapsed viewers to the show, will they be able to sustain that? Or will viewers end up POed as has been the case over the last couple of years?

    If the writing remains as terrible as it has been over the past few years, no one will be able to save this show. Even though I no longer watch, I do wish DW luck and I hope the writing improves soon!

  4. FoxCrane, I like the idea of DW playing Ana's father. Perhaps you should be writing this show?

  5. In my opinion, I think this is the Best News ever. I love Darnell Williams and am so glad that he landed a role on the Y&R. It would be great if he was paired up with Debbie Morgan again, but whatever role he is given it better be a permanent one. Debbie is doing an amazing job as Harmony and I know that Darnell will do the same. It is so exciting to have them both on again. And I totally disagree with the previous comments, I, for one, believe that The Young and The Restless is the best soap ever. I am very happy with their storylines and I love that more former AMC actors are joining the cast. Mark my words, I'm positive that a lot of former AMC viewers will start watching and become devoted Y&R viewers. So, keep up the good work, whenever you need another character, or a replacement character, bring more AMC actors over. You won't be sorry; it will all be worth it. And, in the meantime, I am sooo happy that we are slowly getting to see some of our favourite AMC actors again. Way To Go, Y&R!!!

  6. Darnell & Debbi + Y&R = Fun! Yay!

    Brian :-)

  7. This news SCARES ME! They only show black characters on the 1st week of the month and the middle of the month. Usually together. I got sick in my stomach when YoHarmony called Phyllis, Miss Phyllis. Debbi Morgan is OLDER than Michelle Stafford. Are we back in the massa days of pre-civil war? The way the african-american characters are written on this show is abysmal. I do like that Lily is not subjected to just being with the african-american cast but this was pre-MAB and MAB was trying to break Lily and Cane up. So yes this casting SCARES me to DEATH!


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