WATCH: THE BAY's Midseason Finale... Ghost of Soap Weddings Past

THE BAY has released its mid-season finale and 2011 goes out with a bang. We finally get a definitive answer on whether the "Broey" (Brian and Zoey) wedding happens. And what an answer it is!

Paul Satterfield plays a dual role as Lee Nelson and his twin brother, Roy.

Tension is in the air as Manny shows up to the wedding with Marly's cousin.

And the ending? High tech!

Watch it all below and let us know what you think.

Any DAYS OF OUR LIVES fans remember a similar event?


  1. Seeing two Paul Satterfield's made my day. He is too hot for words.

  2. Well, seeing Lane Davies and Nicolas Coster made my day! (The SB men! LOL)

    I loved the whole webisode of The Bay! Great suspense....TOPS!!!

  3. Wow - now THAT was a wedding surprise I have NEVER seen on a soap! Holy moly.

  4. Loved it!!! It's going to be so hard to wait and see what happens next(after today's events)Excellent job to all the cast,Season 2 of The Bay as been phenomenal!!! To all the cast,Your acting is perfection!!!
    Loved the holiBays absolutely hysterical:)) The Bay is rated #1 in book and can't wait for more!!!
    Forever A Bay Girl,

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  6. Now that's what I'm talking about! Great cliffhangers! It's going to be hard waiting for The Bay to return. Igor is fabulous! I agree... Holy moly is right!

  7. Oh, that's just not right! Leaving it there is pure torture! More than one it!!!

  8. ANother incredible webisode that leaves me wanting more. What a way to leave me hanging.

  9. Another incredible webisode. What a way to leave us hanging. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  10. Love it!!!!!
    I do wish that a certain legend would join this cast!!

  11. Well, seeing Tristan Rogers always make my day (Love him)but I gotta admit I've grown to really love this incredible cast and this season was smoking and this cliffhanger was fantastic!! Great job, everyone that was involved..Well done!!


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