PHOTOS: RIVER RIDGE Tribeca Premiere Event Hosted By WE LOVE SOAPS TV

WE LOVE SOAPS TV hosted the RIVER RIDGE premiere event on Friday night at the Tribeca Film Center in New York City. The much-anticipated drama series was created by Tyler Ford and who serves as the executive producer along with Emmy nominee Signy Coleman. A special pre-taped performance of "The House That Built Me" from Amanda & Travis kicked off the show followed by the first episode of RIVER RIDGE. The trailer teasing what is "coming soon" wrapped up the video presentation. A question and answer session with the cast hosted by We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb followed.

Other RIVER RIDGE stars in attendance were Beth Ehlers, Jon Prescott, Danielle DiLorenzo, Mark Doherty, Seth Ford, Christina Jackson, Isabella Nolan and Carrie Watt.

Check out our photos from last night's red carpet and post-show Q&A session. Look for our video interviews and the Q&A soon.

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  1. What an amazing evening!!! Thank you "We Love Soaps" for streaming it live so that we the audience could participate and be a part of getting to know, in a more intimate setting, the cast of this amazing new series. River Ridge is going to be a "must see" for all those in search of quality story telling and authentic and riveting performances. Based on the trailer, the buzz surrounding the show, and the the cast of gifted actors whose careers I have been following for years, I am eagerly anticipating seeing them in this "new media." Thank you "We Love Soaps"!!!

  2. sooo excited for this show!! probably the best cast of any webseries out there!

  3. Adore Beth Ehlers and from everything I heard her work as Coryn in River Ridge is spellbinding!! Cannot wait!

  4. Beth Ehlers is the most amazing person ever!! Can't wait to see her in River Ridge....

  5. heard or read on twitter that julie is amazing as kimberly but that beth ehlers steals the show, did anyone else hear anything or any leaks from the screening?

  6. Love me some Beth Ehlers. Sorry I missed the streaming an can't wait to see the show!

  7. So glad that River Ridge is finally reaching the light, so many fans have followed the news of this show from the inception! Thank you for keeping us updated because this one really looks like it will be quality!
    When will the Q&A and interviews be up?


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